Karimun Jawa is the name of the Islands to the North of the island of Java, it is more or less 83km from the town of Jepara, Central Java, and has been designated a National Park since 2001Karimunjawa Islands have a wide range of ecosystem types, such as mangrove forest, beach forest, ornamental fish and coral reefs. The term Karimun Jawa the virginal tropical paradise is indeed very timely, for the island of Karimun Jawa has totaled 27 fruit but only 4 are inhabited. Karimun jawa island will spoil you with a panoramic view of nature typical of the tropics are very unusual.

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Central island in the Karimun Jawa island Indonesiais arguably the mandatory on the visit when we travel or vacation to Karimun Jawa. The islandis quite beautiful and already have some facilities are adequate, if not virtually complete. There is a pier, public toilets or bathroom to rinse, sellers of food and beverages, building typical of the bugis (stilts), and that makes comfort is a lot of trees and expanses of green grass that makes tourists happy to stay longer on the island.

Favorite Places that are normally visited by tourists at Karimun Jawa Island Indonesia


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1) Spot MAER (place snorkel)

Located west of Menjangan Island Filipina (small). At this spot there is an awful lot of ornamental fish a variety of colors,beautiful coral reefs, and also not too deep. But despite creating many coral reefs are dying, because had been touched or disturbed by tourist activitiesNumber of tourists visiting this spot makes the continuation of living coral reefs are so distracted, especially not a few of the tourists can’t swimming, so its many reefs are broken. But for the depth of two meters, this spot of its reefs are still quite beautiful. For travelers who want to go snorkeling there, please be careful not to hurt and not to damage the reef, especially one that hasn’t been able to swim.

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2) Spot Burnt Pine

Located in the East of the island of Cypress gede (large). On this spot you can see ornamental fish as well but not as much as at this Spot, Maer spot fair in its reefs, still beautiful, if you are lucky you can see turtles and other marine biota.

3) Spot Nyamplungan

It lies to the West of the island of Karimun Jawa, same as 2 above spot, spot nyamplungan also offers the underwater beauty of the Karimun Jawa.

4) Tanjung Gelam (beaches and Islands)

This beach is located in the West of the island, this beach has the Karimun Jawa charm of a very nice tour, here you can play sand or swimming in the shallow sea. In addition to here a lot of food and drinks provided the sellers there, or you can also take photograph. The most favored photo spot tourists are leaning Palm trees, most of the tourists to take the photo themselves in the Karimun Jawa coconut tree this is. Tanjung gelam also can be reached via road approximately one hour from Karimun Jawa square.

5) Central island and Little Island (Minor)

The island is located east of  Karimun Jawa, the journey from Karimun Jawa roughly takes 2 hours wearing a motor boat. On the right side or the left side of the island there are also snorkeling spots, with coral reefs and marine life that is not less beautiful. If you’re lucky you’ll see dolphins en route to the island.

In the middle of travel, usually seen sand dunes are visible if the sea water receded, precisely on the South Island child. To see it takes approximately a 35-minute journey from the island of Karimun Jawa, by the local community of white sand dunes stretching is often called the island of the sandbar.

6) Island Geleang

His position in the West of the island of Karimun Jawa, here the beaches are quite spacious, clean and beautiful. You can only take pictures or play sand in this place. In addition to the island of geleang is also often used as a place for grilled fish, due to the considerable width of the island.

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Karimun Jawa is very interesting and exotic, due to its location in the middle of the ocean and away from the hustle of the city, is apt to do meditation with shades of nature, for the honeymoon.

Welcome to Indonesian Paradise..I Love Indonesia


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