Karapan Sapi Indonesia – Traditional Bull Race

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Karapan Sapi Indonesia – The Culture of  Traditional Bull Race 

Karapan sapi racing race which is a cow that came from Madura, East Java, for most madurese karapan sapi is not only a people’s Party or event which is held every yearwhich was inherited hereditary. But the karapan sapi for the madurese is a form of symbol of prestige that can lift the dignity and the dignity of the madurese, because cows are used to match the quality of beef cattle is the very good course with special treatment anyway.

The Best BULL RACE at Madura Island 


Karapan sapi indonesia - Traditional Bull Race 1

Madura island is not only known as a producer of salt, but also producers of beef cattle quality very good racing. Not rarely the owner prepare beef cows massages by giving its Race track and special food no less than 80 eggs each day, so that your stamina and strength of the beef cow, awake. Even cow Cow, preferential treatment in some houses look there that adorn the garages rather than car vehicle but instead cow, who are stored the House. Be advised as to the cows won the game can achieve a price of 75 million IDR per tail.

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Karapan sapi in celebration of this, the owner of the cow’s self-esteem at stake. If they can win the game, in addition to the prize money available usually gifts from betting also they get. If their defeat in this match, self esteem owners fall and they ran out of money that did little to karapan sapi is this. Because the treatment of cow a cow before the games are expensive, and they usually hire a shaman to keep the cow safe from mantra  attack their enemies.

Karapan Sapi Event Of The Year


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Karapan sapi Indonesia great celebration is held once in a year, but for the finals must meet several stages first. There are two kinds of celebration karapan sapi at madura, the first is the President Cup and Governors Cup. For the Governors cup is usually held twice a year, the winners of the Regent cup usually will continue its home games to the Presidents cup, for the photographers a great moment was when the Governors cup. 

Because the Governors cup is usually held in the city, the line of demarcation is only made from woven bamboo that makes this event the more traditional security factors, but the karapan sapi Regent Cup is very less so take care when taking a photo moment.

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Exuberant after Regent cup is President of Cup, the event was very lively and crowded. Because most who follow the President Cup this is usually the winners at the Regent Cup, the big event was held in the city of bangkalan and Festival between September or October.

Karapan sapi Indonesia event in the audience not only treated to quick kicks the cows and the agility of the bull riders, but before starting the owners usually do a ritual procession of cows perimeter racing seronen mix instruments accompanied by musical instruments typical of the island, so make this event become merrier.

The length of the route between cow, Bull Racing lap 180 up to 200 metres, which is a14 sd 18 seconds.

karapan sapi 1

Certainly the very fast pace of cattle cow, in addition bull riders skill sometimes bamboo used for treading the aerial drift Jockey because the beef cow speed fast. To gain speed and increase the rate of the cow, the Jockey, the base of cows hooked up to a belt there are full of sharp nails and the Jockey whipped up his whip who was also given the sharp spines towards the cow’s butt. Of course these cuts will make the cow ran more toned, but also cause sores around the cow‘s ass. After the match the cow, given some time for that wound healed.

Distance winner are sometimes very thin difference, not even rarely just one or  seconds only, and it occasionally make the losing party protested. But they were given a chance to compete again with the losing, and the blissful for the winners. In addition to getting the prize, usually a gift jg betting they can get. In addition to the price of beef prices soaring could be winners.

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Karapan Sapi Indonesia  is a very unique performances

In addition to already in herited by tradition is also dropping down up until now. This event as the event tourism in Indonesia, and not only local tourists from abroad also many who watched the karapan sapi . Hopefully in the future the more the merrier and the bets that adorn the karapan sapi can be lost. If you stopped to Surabaya, it never hurts to seethe schedule and watch the karapan sapi Indonesia is.

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