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To initiate the creative organization of the Wondeful Artchipelago Carnival Indonesia on August 23, 2014 in Jember, East Java. This as a series of Jember Fashion Carnival (JFC) International Event in 2014.As a huge event, Jember  Fashion Carnival has been held 13 times as much. City of Jember as the city was tobacco, but now the potential of tourism and culture are interesting to see.

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According to the head of the Department of Budpar district o fJember, Arif Cahyoo Ari in a news conference at the WonderfulCarnival Artchipelago Indonesia Soesilo Soedarman, Balairung Sapta Pesona Building, Kemenparekraf, Jakarta, Thursday, August 7, 2014, Jember Fashion Carnival in still Jember tourism potential to tourists. First held since 2008, Jember Fashion Carnival has always experienced an increase in tourists visit each year.
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He said at the 2008 Jember Fashion Carnival visited 250 thousand tourists. Later, in 2013, the number of tourists visit reached 850 thousand. “In 2008, the revenues of the District‘s new Jember Rp2.5 billion and by 2013 through the figure of Rp 12 billion,” said Ari.

Amazing Variety Attraction of Fashion, dance and music at Jember Fashion Carnival


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In Jember Fashion Carnival, visitors are given the appearance of a variety of attractions of fashion, dance and music. Way along 3.6 km into catwalk hundreds of participants of the Carnival to show case a variety of colorful costumes. An entertaining appearance and create excitement.  Jember Fashion Carnival has already signed four of the Carnival that is unique in the world,” said Ari. Jember Fashion Carnivalevent held on August 21-24 will feature a series of thrillingattractions, namely the Wonderful Carnival Artchipelago Indonesia(WACI). One day there will be attractions from seven provinces.

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WACI would take place on the sidelines of a series of Jember Fashion Carnival, precisely dated August 23, 2014. There are seven provincial representation that appears, i.e. DKI Jakarta, Bali, Riau Islands, Kalimantan Timur, Central Java and Jember and Bangka Belitung as the representative of East Java hosts.

 “There was a Kid Carnival too, there was a Carnival look adwear clothing fall winter,” said Ari about a future event covered by the photographer’s 3,073 and online media within and outside the country.

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Chairman of the DPP Akari (Carnival Association IndonesiaDynand Vicki said content in the main force and WACI located on local wisdom which are processed to the creative industries. For the early stages of WACI slot will be one event in JFC International Event.

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This event is always held annually in the town of Jember in East Java, Indonesia. For you fans of fashion and photography don’t miss a golden opportunity to pay a visit to Jember Indonesia.

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