Madura Island unrelenting offers a number of Heaven are able to make anyone amazed and stunned. There are many natural charm, which is certainly still so natural, who offered the island of Madura. But along with the opening of the Suramadu bridge as access connector between Surabaya and Madura Island, a trip to the island of Madura becomes easier so that more and more people into the island. And from there, the tourists made astonished with the beautiful nature of Madura. Unfinished fever Brown Canyon in Semarang who judged similar to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, United States. Now a traveler Indonesia again shocked by the presence of Bangkalan in Jaddih Hill Madura which is said to be similar to famous tourist destinations in Turkey, Cappadocia.

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Several years ago, the name of the Jaddih Hill Madura  in Bangkalan is not so well known. Fair enough, because this is actually just a hill is an area of limestone quarries that are dusty. This area was also formerly not open to the public. But slowly, the landscape of the hills Jaddih many keep people amazed and curious. Many a traveler who came to capture the image in the region.

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Located on the Jaddih Hill Madura Already Felt Like in Cappadocia Turkey

Having previously been fascinated with naturalness and Labak Gili with oxygen is highest in the world, Gili Iyang, now a public awed by the presence of Jaddih Hill Madura reportedly  come with a resemblance to one of the destinations in the world, Cappadocia in Turkey. Social media presence is increasingly making this place’s existence increasingly dispersed and become warm gossip among netizen .

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Jaddih Hill Madura is the Hill of limestone and limestone mining became the location there. Every day there are a lot of trucks and heavy equipment passing and carrying lime-lime. Initially of course not many people are interested in here. Moreover, the dusty mining area is also not open to the public. But the offer apparently made many people interested in visiting these mines. Activities by the miners here make the appearance of the limestone hill became certain patterns that are so beautiful. And be this place opened as tourist sites, but still with a mining area are still ongoing to this day.

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Jaddih Hill Madura in administration in the village of Jaddih which is included in Bangkalan. From downtown Surabaya, travelers simply drove 27 km or approximately 1-1.5 hours travelling through the Suramadu bridge. Unfortunately access to Jaddih Hill is quite difficult and steep. But to address it, travelers who use a two-wheeled vehicle can take an alternate path via Highway Labang so no need to paddle out to the town of Bangakalan. Instead of using the car inevitably has to go through the town of Bangkalan in advance. But not to worry because there are a number of signposted mounted residents to get to the village of Jaddih. Travelers can also ask residents about the existence of this hill.

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 The enchanting views of the Limestone Hills in Jaddih Hill Madura

Jaddih Hill Madura scenery offered indeed became an object of interest to the lens of your camera. The remains of the mining of limestone forming a landscape that is so amazing and is similar to Cappadocia in Turkey. The hills the rest of mine not only displays sculptures and engravings, but also forms a number of small caves so attractive. There is even a well which has been a lake with water green and utilized as a pool to add to the attractions of the Hill Jaddih. With the increasingly frequent mining activity existing on the Hill of Jaddih is not impossible if the time would be a crater. But not all parts of the Hill dried , as there are also some parts of the hill which is filled with enough soothing green plants. So after hot travelling can also to enjoy the cool breezes at the lush trees that have this.

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Jaddih Hills Madura also offers historical tourism where there is a legacy of the former Netherlands bunker that sits not far from the location of the Hill Jaddih. Mining there has small caves that make up the beautiful scenery. Limestone cliff that clipped a neat also left a charming decoration so that it displays a beautiful picture if photographed. In addition to looking at the limestone hills, a traveler can also find a pool named Goa Potte. A traveler can refresh with a dip in the pool body.

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Enjoy the beauty and charm of the Jaddih Hill Madura and interesting sights on the island of Madura.

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