Kasodo is an annual ceremony has always been held by the people of the original Crater. The ceremony is always held in December or January. Kasodo or Kasada ceremony said thanks giving is done by a small community to Sang Hyang Widi. The existence of this ceremony, the communities surrounding a bountiful harvest and asking for healing for all kinds of diseases. On the other hand, they gave an offering to the gods thrown into the crater of Mount Bromo.

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The people who give these offerings should go down to the cliff and around the crater to catch offerings from the bottom, this is a symbol of a blessing from the Almighty.

Kasodo Ceremony on Bromo, rituals of the indigenous culture of the Bromo Tengger Tribe .

Bromo tengger tribe ceremony was part of an annual ritual at Bromo crater. In contrast to the feast of karo in the sphere of house to house. Yadnya Kasada on Bromo was held on the 14th day of the month Kasada, i.e. specfically Hindu calendar. Typically in mid-August, the Ritual of Kasodo or Kasada on Bromo executed in lead by the chairman of the customs or elders tenggerese.

What is  Kasodo Ceremony ?

indonesia's culture kasodo ceremony at mount bromo2Every religion must have beliefs that differ from each other religious faiths, at the got 6 Indonesia religion in personal religious beliefs. In the Bromo or at the call of the people most tenggerese also Hinduism. According to the community this tenggerese Kasada Ceremony is the most important ritual on every year. None the bromo’s courageous fight against customs which in inherited by their ancestors in the past, because the public will believe the crater got a reply from The Hiyang Widhi.

Kasodo ceremony place was held at Pura Luhur Poten at midnight, exactly zero hours GMT. When you’re done doing the ritual in the lead by the Chairman of the customs of tenggerese walking hand in hand, they headed to the bromo crater. Walk as far as 1 km away, and brought offerings and the results of farming and livestock. They believe carrying produce from the results for a year, will get a bountiful crop.

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The celebration ceremony Kasada on bromo many bring tourists abroad, because the ritual is arguably only occurs at Mount Bromo. In August also coinciding vacation day, tourists come in addition to seeing the beauty of the Bromo tourist can also witness the ceremony tradition Kasada Bromo. That is the importance of maintaining culture and tradition of the history of our ancestors for the sake of making the country rich in customs.

Get To Know The Bromo Tengger Tribe

Tenggerese is a tribe that lived around the Tour Mt. Bromo, East Java Indonesia, occupying parts of the District of Malang, Pasuruan, Probolinggo, and unfortunate. Tribal people a small majority of devout Hindus. They are convinced is a direct descendant of Majapahit. The name comes from a small history of Mount Bromo from from Legend Roro Anteng and Joko so that is believed to be the origin of the name Tengger, i.e. “Teng” suffix the name Roro’s-“teng” and “ger” suffix to the name of the Joko Se-“ger”.

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For the Tenggerese, the mountain of Brahma (Bromo) is believed to be a sacred mountain. Once a year a small community held a ceremony Yadnya Kasada or ceremony of Kasodo. The ceremony is housed in a temple is under the foot of Bromo volcano North i.e. Pura Luhur Poten Bromo and continued to the Summit of Mount Bromo. The ceremony was held in the middle of the night until the early hours every full moon around the 14th or 15th in the month of kasodo (ten) according to the calendar.

The growth rate of the population of the tenggerese dwells in this small mountainous from year to year are categorized as low or slow. The livelihoods of the majority of farmers and local languages are used for everyday communication is a small Java language. Some ceremonial tenggerese are as follows: the feast of Karo, Yadnya Kasada and Unan-Unan, rituals associated with a person’s life cycle, such as: birth (sayut ceremony cuplak, puser, tugel tuft), married (walagara ceremony), death (entas-entas etc.), traditional ceremony associated with the agricultural cycle, build a House, and the natural symptoms such as “leliwet” and “barikan”

Some areas of implementation activities tenggerese among other things:

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Poten Temple is the temple devotees Tengger Hindus who were in the area of Tengger Caldera complex. Its strategic location between the Shell and Mountain Bromo volcano, making the view of Pura Poten itself becomes very beautiful to be seen. The Summit crowd at Poten is in Yadnya Kasada, feast attended by Tengger Hindus from all over place, BTS (Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park) as well as Balinese Hindus. So it’s not surprising, if on the day of the Kasodo ceremony many tourists both local and abroad who were present to witness the event culture, customs and religion of communities the Bromo Tengger Tribe.

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Widodaren Cave the source of holy water Widodaren Cave is one of the important places in the community rituals Tengger. On the inside of the cave there is a rather broad and therein lies the large rock (as the altar) to place offerings or put a “nadar” at once as a place to meditate especially Small communities for pleading to Sang Hyang Widi. Still around the cave, exactly at the side of the cave there are springs that never dry. According to the Community trusts the source of the water from the Crater is the holy water that is absolutely necessary for their worship, as an example is the ceremony of taking holy water from cave Widodaren (Medhak Tirta) Kasada Ceremony being performed before. In addition, water from the Grotto is believed to have a small community can make nutritious ageless as well as exposing the matchmaker for the Bachelorette.

Message in place of Bromo to follow Kasodo ceremony

indonesia's culture kasodo ceremony at mount bromo1rom legend and the origin of the Tenggerese above many visitors who are interested in knowing the Tenggerese ceremony when traveling to Bromo,especially Kasodo ceremony. All lodging and hotel in Bromo would in booking away today to witness this unique cermony. Don’t miss the foreign tourists who are interested in seeing the direct culture of Indonesia. At least thousands of foreign tourists must have book a long way today to be able to witness this spectacular ceremony, which was held only in 1 year. Tourists usually come as well to enjoy the sunrise at Bromo volcano.

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