Hoga Wakatobi Island – Little Paradise in the Indonesian Islands

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Hoga Wakatobi Island – Little Paradise in the Indonesian Islands

http://actiononaccess.org/?c=buy-augmentin-in-Al-Farwaniyah-Kuwait metronidazole and oral contraceptives Hoga Wakatobi Island – Little Paradise in the Indonesian Islands. Wakatobi National Park has not only the Wakatobi as flagship tourist attraction, there are still other locations that can be visited, one of them is the Hoga Island Wakatobi, located in the Eastern island of Kaledupa. Höga Wakatobi Island is located in the cluster of islands of the amoxicillin cost UK Wakatobi region “tukang besi”, Southeast Sulawesi province. In addition to the Wakatobi National Park,  Höga Wakatobi Island also has a decent underwater beauty explored.

Hoga Wakatobi Island – Little Paradise in the Indonesian Islands

Hoga Wakatobi Island is a Divers Paradise.

The island is located east of Kaledupa is suitable for swimming or diving while viewing the coral species from around 750 850 that exist in the world. In addition, you will also see a variety of fish types 83 color such as takhasang, pogo, pogo-napoleon, Rabbitfish, and much more.

To be able to see the sights under the sea more, you need to dive deeper into. There are 29 dive spots are scattered in the waters of the Wakatobi, including pinnacle, coral Kaledupa in Kaledupa, table coral (Coral-shaped table), and coral island of Tomia drunk at Mari.

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In addition to a mountainous Crag, you will also find a lot of anemone fish or fish, clown fish barracuda even a pygmy or a small-sized sea horse on the island. At least there were about 83 types of colorful fish that will encounter here. There are also some types of coral reefs that live here include the kind of soft coral. And if you come at the right time you can see the turtles lay their eggs here. The best time to visit this place is around April to June or October to December each year.   buy zithromax 100mg UK Read also  : wakatobi-southeast-sulawesi-the-natural-sights-of-underwate

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If your vacation time is long enough, it’s worth exploring the small islands around Wakatobi Island, namely Höga Kaledupa Island, the island of Tomia, fragrance-fragrance, Binongko Island, and Island Kapota.

In addition to playing in the sea, you can also visit to the Tribal villages Bajo. There, you can see a row of wooden houses in the middle of the sea that seems to float. You will be treated to daily activities such as Bajo, Tribal citizens activities mothers of households outside the House, the man who caught the fish, until the joy of small children to swim under the House.

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Relax on the beach while enjoying the sunset too so a moment of unforgettable moments in the Höga Wakatobi Island. On the waterfront, lined up the gazebo to sit enjoy the views while drinking young coconut ice.

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Curious to explore this island?

To reach the Höga Wakatobi Island, you first have to get to the airport on the island of Matahora Perfume-scented, Wakatobi, first. Matahora own airport is about an hour and 15 minutes from the Sultan Hassanudin Airport, Makassar. From the airport of Matahora, you could rent a car up to the dock Kaledupa and continue the boat trip up to the Höga Wakatobi Island.

source Hoga Wakatobi Island – Little Paradise in the Indonesian Islands

You do not have to worry with the Inn since at Höga Wakatobi Island there are several comfortable lodging and also adequate. Cost of lodging here starting from Rp. 150,000 per night and her lodgings were mostly made of wood, without air conditioning or a fan.

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Complete diving or snorkeling you can enjoy the typical cuisine of Höga Wakatobi Island. One of them is a kind of sushi or the ala Perangi Höga Wakatobi Island. These dishes contain fish or clean sea without blood and then soaked in a solution of lime juice for about 15 minutes. You can also enjoy Kasuami. Kasuami is a typical food of Southeast Sulawesi. Kasuami also includes the staple food of the fishermen when they are traveling. Kasuami made of cassava which is mashed and it felt so deliciously.

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