History of Kraton Yogyakarta Indonesia

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Keraton Yogyakarta Indonesia (Yogyakarta) or often referred to as Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat is located in the heart of the province of Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (DIY), Indonesia. Because his place is in the midst of Yogyakarta, where as in take a straight line between Mount Merapi and South Sea, the Palace became the Centre of the two. The Palace or the Royal Kraton Yogyakarta is the last of all the kingdoms in Java.

When the Kingdom of hindu-Buddhist ends later at the first Islamic Kingdom continue with Demak, and then standing in the Kingdom of Mataram islam like the other ones in the pitch by Sultan Agung and then running Sultan of Yogyakarta and appears erected by Sultan Hamengku Bowono i. up to now, the Palace of Yogyakarta culture that still holds a very awesome.

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In the process, the Palace of Yogyakarta experienced the ups and downs of leadership and divisions. The most famous was in 1755 Giyanti Treaty, in which the Kingdom is divided into 2 (two) of the eastern region of what is now the Kraton surakarta (solo – the next adventure) and the Western region known as the Kraton Jogjakarta. However, the Palace of Yogyakarta also keeps a history that cannot be forgotten for granted by Indonesia, including in the nation’s struggle to seize and defend the independence of Indonesia.

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In addition, the Palace of Yogyakarta very creamy with the cultural heritage of the ethnic Javanese , so amazing that can still be found around and inside the Palace it self. When the Adventurers to Keraton Yogyakarta then, that simple description about the culture and beauty of the land of Java. Almost all found represented in one place is very appealing and riveting. How does, in the Palace still keeps about various arts, culture results, custom clothing and various forms of Javanese-style home. Not stopping there alone, in the Palace of Yogyakarta also demonstrate how Javanese supelnya in bersapa and communicate with all the people who come there. Very exotic and exciting.


To get to the Palace of Yogyakarta is very easy, because it is exactly in the center of Jogjakarta. However, the Adventurer must also be nimble and can memorize the route which can be passed to the Kraton Yogyakarta. For Adventurers who drove from Semarang or Wonosobo (kretek – directly to the Western ring road) please pass route: Ungaran-Ambarawa-Magelang, magelang Street – jogja – Jombor – Jl Diponegoro (Tugu Jogja turn right) – Jl Mangkubumi – Malioboro – Jl Jl Ahmad Yani Street – Jl Brigjend Katamso – Downtown – Roswo – Mother Jl Jl Jl – Kesatriyan – William Keraton Yogyakarta. To that of the Solo or the effort or Kebumen is also almost the same just different way route into the city only. No need to worry, because the famous streets of Jogjakarta Kraton Yogyakarta found very helpful.

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Admission to the Kraton Yogyakarta Indonesia , only very affordable set aside money of around Rp. 10.000,-can enjoy almost any environment the Palace mansions and beautiful. Adventurers in the require to not wear a hat or glasses when signing in to the environment of the Palace, not anything just to respect Javanese culture. Hours a visit to the Palace to Sunday and on other days in the limit from 7 am – 12 pm. Tips: Please feel free to come to the Palace of Yogyakarta about 9 hours, because there is a typical Javanese dance performance as a charmingly Serimpi and really amaze.

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The Palace of Yogyakarta, as a representation of the Javanese culture to be found when the Adventurers entered into the Palace, such as the Festival of dance-dance of Java about various stories (babad tanah jawa, epic ramayana) performed by dancers who are reliable and capable of attracting audience mesmerised as sacred atmosphere carried a very hypnotizing. Voting iringi in gemelan traditional mixed with the beautiful temples of Java chanted beautifully by pesinden and warangono Sultan of Yogyakarta. In addition to dance, wayang performances are also presented a very interesting person to see this man’s puppet, unlike most because its movement is almost similar to the movements of ballet.

history of Kraton Yogyakarta Indonesia 2The Javanese dance performance done out in the open is similar to a Hall of the Palace, so the free adventurers could see from any angle. The perfection of a Javanese dance that beautiful deserves to be seen.

See other Palaces such as corner Kedhaton, where this meets the kedhaton King with all of the Regent Palace. With the beautiful ambiance of the building joglo ornaments with some arab Java that adorn the walls and at each of the pillars, as well as an assortment of shady plants add to the atmosphere of the sacred Javanese cooler and exciting. The pillars are lined up in such a way to add the strong stout and the Palace of Yogyakarta at the time.

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Kraton Yogyakarta Indonesia is one of the famous culture which is not change by the modern world right now. They still obey to the rule of Kingdom until now . So awesome the culture of  Javanesse

Welcome to Indonesian Paradise . I love Indonesia


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