Places of interest in Bali are hidden now is no longer hidden. In the era of social media today, places that were once not touchable, one by one began to appear and become the new destinations to visit. One of them now dealt with many people is a stream with a sharp stone cliffs fortified on the right and left, i.e. the Hidden Canyon Guwang. Earlier in the year 2013 the venue started crowded travelers then call it as Hidden Canyon Guwang , previously only a sacred place for conducting worship and religious rituals for Hindus.

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The landscapes in Hidden Canyon Guwang, Gianyar Bali almost similar Grand Canyon in the US. Though not the same, but the glory be pitted. No less to that in America there. Fun to spend the holidays in Hidden Canyon Guwang, Gianyar. One destination that is still new and rare accounting for those in the know. Enter into the Grand Canyon area, traveler is required accompanied by the guide, this is due to the taper cliffs villages and slippery that should be skipped and requires skill and care in order to witness the panoramic nature Guwang.

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The cliffs as high as 30 meters with the famous cliffs as hidden canyon is located in the area of the river/Beji Guwang near Pura Dalem Guwang, Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali. The word beji is a word in the Balinese language meaning River, which is considered sacred. The river is considered sacred because there are several sacred springs here.


Approximately 700 metres long should be is to arrive in the area in question. By passing the stones, and occasionally have to let your feet wet by crossing the river, as that is the access road that must be traveled the visitors here. Not only that, you also must be ready to climb the cliff walls fumbled and to be able to move from one point to another. There is the view point of the river beneath the deep enough so that it can not be by passed.

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There is no access road cement as in tourist attractions in general. Here people have to allow yourself to blend with nature. In fact, for those who have an adventurous spirit and familiar corporate nature, its not so difficult, but for a new attempt to a place like this, it could be a challenge. Just need to tread firmly and carefully, because a lot of the slippery terrain. The existence of these stones which later became the helper access people to cross the river in the region.

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Traveler it must also pass through the rocks and holding on to the wall to move from one place to another. The journey that this effort will pay off with a beautiful panorama of the Hidden Canyon Guwang and the clear Guwang Beji. But unfortunately, the cliffs could not for rock climbing due to the uneven texture as well as a large number of complicate the climbers to get to moss rose to the top of the cliff.

Steep cliffs so exotic Photo Spot

Up at this location, it would seem the high cliffs looming above, approximately 30 meters in height. Underneath, bluish-colored river flows. The steep cliffs of this was the appeal of the people come here to take pictures.

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To be able to enjoy the beauty of the Grand Canyon Guwang, a traveler is obliged to have a fairly strong physical supplies. Because, the way the passage with a large stone around it must be bypassed for a taste sensation of river water Beji. They seem painstakingly climbed the cliffs, by relying on the basin-basin which they use as a handle. However, the exertion they experienced any comparable to what they see on the site.

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Beji Guwang has a stream flanked by sharp cliffs on the side of right and left. Clear river water colored bluish black with a brownish stone ornaments this pretty typical framing views of the hidden canyon. Gorgeous!! A number of visitors admitted are quite surprised to find a place like this in Bali. Feel familiar with the wonderful beaches and sights are already quite mainstream.


To go to Pura Beji Guwang is not too difficult, because it does away with the art market Sukawati, Gianyar. The distance from Sukawati art market, about 5 km or 25 km from Denpasar city. It only takes 30 minutes from Denpasar City when you pass By Pass Ida Mantra.

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Of By Ida Bagus Mantra Pass turn left down the road of Ketewel and Guwang. When traversing Guwang Highway, note the statue of garuda on the right path. Turn to the right, 500 metres from the garuda statue you will find Guwang Pura Dalem. Arriving at Pura Beji Guwang visitors should be down 30 steps and walk so far approximately 500 metres. It took 1 hour more if a traveler wants to surround and see various other cliffs in Guwang. So, not quite 1 cliff for a taste test of guts in there, the more goes to the North, you will be presented a steep cliffs exotic affection if not enshrined.

Near hidden canyon you will also find the temple and holy water shower that you can use to berbilas after visiting the hidden canyon. This shower drain water directly from springs that emerge on the surface of the soil. A polite dresscode when visiting this place because this area including the area sacred. You need not bother to carry too much stock because around this sacred water source there are also food and drink sellers.

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