The most dazzling views of the time, either because it is the first to see it or because most sea water recede. We have encountered so that the agency’s wider beaches to enjoy. Not all of them managed to get down to the beach, because once the tide is high enough, until it reaches the steps below. According to the information of the population about its water, morning tide began receding during the late afternoon and will be back the tide. A good idea before going down, ask the seller to stall in the parking area are the waters are tidal or not.

Green Bowl Beach is Virgin


hidden beach green bowl beach Ungasan Bali 5

The environment is still a Virgin with a view was amazing. Its water color graded from light blue to dark blue and light green to the color of the blue sea. Tint caused many seaweed vegetation along the shore. Sand-powdery, smooth, white and thick so that when we step on soles of the feet is rather setting. The beaches are clean because people seldom visited, no waste other than coral-colored and dried seaweed. The waves in the morning and the afternoon tends to large, thus visitors are mostly tourist Australia who enjoys surfing. Local tourists barely visible. Other entrants are seaweed farmers and traders gift shop.

hidden beach green bowl beach Ungasan Bali 1Its shores are not long, from the left to the far right is not up to 1 km, depending on the decline of sea water. The picture below is the left side of the beach and the next is the right side of the beach.On the right side of the beach there is a cave in which there is a sacred Temple. In the cave is often used as shelter areas or foreign tourists. In the right end of the beach, when sea water recedes more, we can walk down the beach behind large rocks it.

The Green Water of Green Bowl Beach 

The name Green Bowl was taken from its antecedent water is green and when viewed from the top is shaped like a bowl (the outskirts of rest is cliffs and rocks). The name of the Green Bowl is also the name of the company that built the resort around there. Other designations are the beaches of Bali Cliff and Hidden Beach.

hidden beach green bowl beach Ungasan Bali 3

About the Green Bowl Beach has also covered some people (search on google). To reach the beach, we had to descend the 330 stairs step size-not standard. Even many of the high step of his almost 30 cm. Not recommended for toddlers and elderly because sometimes there is a handrail of stairs are sometimes not there. We have to break a couple of times to get to the top, to the unusual, its recommend do not forced. If the chest is already congested better stop and rest for a bit. Each to there we have always met with foreign tourists who carry surfboards. Bring your self  painstakingly let alone bring surfboards.

In thhidden beach green bowl beach Ungasan Bali 2is area, approximately 20-30 steps again to get to the top, often meet with some monkeys, not many in number and the monkey are also not annoying. We can often take a break while looking at the sea from here and pay attention to the vagaries of the monkeys it. When up above, we could buy drinks and sit a while or eating instant noodles in the stall.

The Route to Find Green Bowl Beach

How to get there is from GWK Uluwatu towards us up, at the crossroad of Nirvana Supermarket, turn left towards Bali Ciff and follow its path approximately 3-4 km to meet the old Bali Cliff resort Hotel.The most memorable on the beach this is stepping up the activities of Ungasan rung around 300 stairs and when all of the above, the incredible natural scenery.

Welcome to Indonesian Paradise –  I Love Indonesia


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