Harau Canyon Payakumbuh The Beautiful Valley in Sumatra Indonesia

Harau Canyon Payakumbuh , also known as the Canyon. Is a valley that ‘ stuck ‘ between two steep cliffs. Tourist attractions of West Sumatra is preferred by almost all tourists who come to West Sumatra. If viewed from the bottom of the Valley, it would seem as if the tapered cliffs that break through the clouds.

Harau Canyon is located in 50 cities Luhak. This Valley has seven waterfalls (sarasah) that is captivating. The steep rock cliffs fence and straight is also challenging for the sport of rock climbing. Feels like in a fortress! Perhaps such perceived Harau Canyon visitors in Payakumbuh, West Sumatra, in 50 cities.

Harau Canyon Payakumbuh The Beautiful Valley in Sumatra Indonesia 3

Harau Canyon Tourist enter the Park, visitors feel like they “besieged” reddish cliffs as high as 150 to 200 meters. The cliffs that surround the Valley of upright. At the base of the cliff, a stretch of rice paddies and lush greenery again makes the charm of the Valley Harau . Harau Canyon region also inhabited various kinds of wild animals and birds.

Harau Canyon Payakumbuh was designated as a nature preserve & Wildlife

With an area of about 270 hectares, since 10 January 1993 Harau Canyon has been designated by the Government as a nature reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary. One of the typical animals living in them is Macaca fascirulatis or long-tailed Monkeys. These animals including rare species of animals endemic to Sumatra. This hanging monkeys and relocated so that it will provide its own entertainment in your tour. In addition, Harau Canyon nature reserve also has a variety of plant species of tropical rain forest plateau. Therefore, one of the Valley’s location within the Harau planned to become a Safari Park. Namely Resort Rimbo Piobang. Plus more, you can also visit a zoo and the butterfly breeding places in the area of Aka Swinging.

Harau Canyon Payakumbuh The Beautiful Valley in Sumatra Indonesia 5West Sumatra nature conditions must be very suitable for you who have a hobby of his. One example is this Harau Canyon Payakumbuh, which has a wavy and hilly topography of the land. You can explore some of the beautiful hills around the area of the Valley Harau. As the Hill of the white water, Hill Guava, Singkarak, and Tarantang Hill. Harau Canyon Payakumbuh expanse surrounded by rock cliffs sand which is quite steep. The natural condition of West Sumatra, you can enjoy views of the green rice fields between cliffs perpendicular, along with its natural atmosphere that is very amazing.

Harau Canyon Payakumbuh lined by clusters of very high cliff. One theory of the formation of the Valley is the result of millions of years of erosion processes. As well as the merging of Austronesian Plate with the Eurasian plate are urgent. Such insistence led to the fracturing of large lined at the southern tip of the island of Sumatra. Based on research, the rocks in the Valley this Harau aged 30 to 40 million years.

Harau Canyon Payakumbuh The Beautiful Valley in Sumatra Indonesia 6Legend Saga Harau Canyon Payakumbuh Sumatra

Pampering valley heart and eye has its own legend. According to local history, the Orangery on the cliffs stand a Kingdom. While the valley is the ocean. One day, the Princess of the Kingdom falls into the sea because the vote was not allowed to marry a man she liked. The King then ordered the people to search for the remains of the Princess. But until the sea drained, relics of the Princess still cannot be found. The sea into land that is now known as Harau Canyon and settled.

Harau Canyon Payakumbuh sights ideal for the hobby adventure

The steep rock cliffs fence and straight it’s also challenging to the sport of rock climbing. An organization of local cliffs lovers routinely visit this place once in a year.

Harau Canyon Payakumbuh The Beautiful Valley in Sumatra Indonesia 9Interested travelers can probably try to test this one sport. Enthusiasts will be guided by an instructor. If there were no special shoes, barefoot climber ever so. The core of this sport is to overcome fear. Climbers also are required to wear a harnest (security tool body) tied the knot. Another held a rope someone who will hold the body of the climber when knocked down.

To reduce perspiration while climbing, climbers must provide powdered magnesium carbonate. For starters, the biggest difficulty, among others, to allocate the burden of the body to the hands and feet in a balanced way. Kecederungan is often the case, the burden of the body are only held back by hand. As a result of energy more quickly drained. Moreover, the spot footing and rely very minimal.

You will gain invaluable experience by climbing to the top of seaside. Spend time exploring and conquering the wilderness for about 6 hours. But don’t worry if you do not want to bother, there is easier access. That is down the path of stairs, until arriving at the top of the cliff. In this place, you can enjoy the scenery and combing the natural beauty of West Sumatra from the height.

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The panoramic beauty of the waterfalls in the Canyon Harau Payakumbuh

The Valley is also the more alluring with its seven waterfalls or “sarasah” flowing copiously. At the time of the rainy season, water flow increases. Stunning views of the surrounding Valley of makin kala Rainbow down after rain.

In addition to views of towering cliffs with firm and magnificent, you too will feel the fresh air and other natural sights Harau Canyon. You can visit some of the region’s natural attractions, each of which will make you feel amazed. Like a waterfall, Barayun Waterfall Aka Sarasah Aie Luluih, Bunta Sarasah Waterfalls, waterfalls and pristine, Sarasah Waterfall Sarasah Aie Angek. All four of the natural tourism area Resort Sarasah Bunta. Each waterfall has its own privileges.

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Harau Canyon Payakumbuh The Beautiful Valley in Sumatra Indonesia

Luluih Aie Sarasah waterfall flows on the side wall of rocks, with a pool of still quite natural in the part of the bottom. While the afternoon time, waterfalls Sarasah Bunta will look very beautiful when the other side of the Sun.

Sarasah Murai in the waterfall you can enjoy the beauty of the Magpies in between lush trees, along with mellifluous booms. While the area of the Waterfall Sarasah Aie Angek is still relatively quiet. Although it is unique, yet many visitors who come to the water of this region because tejun haven’t fully opened as a tourist attraction. In the waterfall Sarasah Angek Aie, you can enjoy the warmth of the water at once. Because this waterfall has a uniqueness, that is the temperature of the water is warm enough.

After enjoying the waterfall’s fifth, you still have two locations to explore. At Resort Barayun Aka Harau Canyon you can swim in the swimming pool, while enjoying the beautiful nature atmosphere. There is also the potential for the sport of rock climbing. For those of you who still want to spend more time enjoying the beauty and splendor of the Valley Harau, the area’s facilities are also available in the form of residence or homestay. While the Resort Rimbo Piobang is still in the development plan for the Safari Park.

As the area of the Valley of screams, the sound will undoubtedly bounce again. Try screaming at point zero (the echo spot) that have been signaled a special manager for visitors who want to hear the echo. In this place, the sound reflected sound louder. Okay make take off the stress and burden of life.

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