Green Bay Banyuwangi . I don’t need all the way to Phi Phi island in Thailand to enjoy views of the sea water green, complete with white sand, coral reef high around the edge of the beach and the waves are very pretty. Go to the southern part of Banyuwangi, at the Green Bay Banyuwangi about 90 Km from the city of Banyuwangi, East Java. Called Green Bay because of the color of the water in the bay is green due to algae and influence because the beach is surrounded by forest.

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Banyuwangi is a tourist area that has an incredible charm includes a typical view that is different from other similar locations. The distance is indeed pretty close to Bali the island of gods which honours celebrities with coastal tourism to the world. But Banyuwangi as “Sunrise of Java” is also not less exotic when compared to the island of Bali. The city of Banyuwangi is not just known from the tourist area of Plengkung, Red Island Beach and Watu Lunkhead who possess beautiful and natural beaches. But on the Gulf Coast of the Ijo you will admire the real manifestation of white sandy coves interspersed with coral and waterfalls are very charming.

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Green Bay or Green Bay Banyuwangi was mentioned as a hidden paradise that settles in Banyuwangi Regency. The distance is indeed quite far from the city centre of Banyuwangi so not yet exposed to the maximum. True to its name, the Bay was indeed fresh green. So that makes it different from most of the ocean or the Bay of blue. Why the colour is different? The cause is the reflection of the algae at the base of green waters and almost dominate the spot.

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Green Bay Banyuwangi is located in the national parks of Meru Betiri National Park, Sarongan, Pesanggaran – Banyuwangi Regency. A path that can be taken to get to the Green Bay through the Sarongan, marked with the plantations of cacao belong to enter the area of PTPN XIV Source Jambe to get into the area of the National Park of Meru Betiri National Park. If it enters the hamlet of Rajegwesi, meaning that it was near the Gulf toward the green. The road to Green Bay Banyuwangi not all paved course, starting from the cocoa plantations when it entered the path in Source jambe. Need caution if the line is crossed, especially if the rainy season arrives.

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We recommend that you use the private car because there is no public transport to get to Green Bay Banyuwangi. Need to record that the car which was used toward Green Bay Banyuwangi is a special car a kind of Jeep, the big wheel. The road to Green Bay Banyuwangi to other countries is still dominated by a large stone path, not a smooth paved roads. It is indeed a challenging journey that adrenaline we had the jeep, cars can be shot up – the pound bounced between the big rocks.

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Location of the Bay in the village of Sarongan, in the region South of the Pesanggrahan. Actually, this area is part of the national parks of Meru Betiri National Park. So, if you want to visit it, the tour traveled first will visit the beaches of Rajegwesi which is the last stop before it left for the . The distance is approximately 90 km to the South of the town of Banyuwangi. To get on the beach Rajegwesi it takes approximately 3-4 hours drive from the city centre. Later you will be passing through national parks of Meru Betiri National Park and Sukamade. The location is strategic enough as a starting point before continuing the journey to two tourist areas.

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Unfortunately if you just observe the Bay from the top of the hill. Take a moment to come down and enjoy the real beauty along the white sands of the Green Bay Banyuwangi. That’s where the tourists can enjoy the exotic atmosphere between sea and land. The facilities are located around the beach is very less, you will not be able to find lodging and food stalls in this tourism object. If you want to stay, you should prepare before all the necessary requirements, such as tents and food.

There are 2 ways towards the Green Bay Banyuwangi from where the entrance, among them:
1. By land
You must climb the small hill and down the hill through steep footpath, approximately 1-1.5            hours. But keep in mind that Green Bay Banyuwangi is not the beach you see when finished            the downhill. Thus you have to keep and that’s Green Bay Banyuwangi beach behind.

  1. By Sea
    This is the easiest way. You rent a boat from the beach of Rajekwesi Bay straight to green. If not wrong about 200,000 ‘s . Green Bay will be reached in 45 minutes one way. But you have to have enough “guts” because of the small boats and through the waves of the sea of the south. However, you will get a good reply moment during the trip by boat.

Discover a unique tour around Green Bay Banyuwangi

Waterfall Rainbow

The villagers believed that the existence of the Rajegwesi waterfall with a height of 8 meters around the beach has a story about fairies. Villagers believe, the rainy season will appear beautiful stretches of Rainbow in the sky. And it is said that his story, end upstream from the Rainbow was in Green Bay. And those who have science high spiriritual can see the existence of a beautiful woman who was taking a shower when the Rainbow appears.

Beach rock or Stone Bay

Stone beach is exactly behind the Green Bay Banyuwangi, both of which are just separated by walkways which is a few metres away. The Gulf is stark contrast his presence when compared to Green Bay. Stone Bay are met by natural rocks. According to the story, the first Stone Beach also has beautiful white sand, but since the tsunami of 1994 stones located in the ocean floor shifts to the shore.

Sources Of Fresh Water

There are Rocks in the Bay of freshwater resources is a stream from the waterfall Rainbow. Many travelers that rinse away in this place.

Huts and swing

Although a very remote place, facilities can be found at banyuwangi area attractions is the only hut shelter and 2 hanging tire swing from under a large tree.

Clean White Sand Nan Exotic

The Bay is very special and really natural. Around trees and cliffs are plentiful wild monkeys hanging. The white sand is so clean as if it had never been touched. In addition, the grain of sand is very smooth and soft. The atmosphere is so quiet and comfortable .You can sit back, play water, or even intends to swim in the shallow waters. Don’t forget to enjoy the freshness of waterfalls approximately 8 meters high in the area which is also one of the charms of Green Bay Banyuwangi.

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Green Bay Banyuwangi and also some of the other beaches in the area of national parks of Meru Betiri National Park is proving that natural wealth in Indonesia is indeed very remarkable. The charm of the Green Bay area of Banyuwangi has been known to foreign countries, tourists from different countries started many flock to visit exotic places.

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