Gili Labak , when you guys heard these words surely you guys will be dreamy beauty of the Islands and the coast of Lombok. Unfortunately, Gili Labak not in Lombok Island, but the island of Madura. The distance the city of Surabaya and Gili Labak, Sumenep, Madura only about 166 kilometers and can be reached via a bridge crossing Suramadu (Surabaya-Madura) which emits a beautiful light on even days.

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Gili Labak Madura indeed central hits as one of the destinations of the Virgin, a hidden paradise on the island of Madura. Activities can you do other than playing on the beach also enjoy the beauty of underwater Gili Labak Madura with snorkeling around the island.


During this time the famous from Madura are Suramadu bridge. However, it turns out that in Madura there is a very beautiful tourist attractions, namely Labak Gili island located at in the village of Kombang, district Talango, Sumenep Regency, East Java. On Gili Labak Madura is famous for the highest levels of oxygen levels in the whole world, so often called the city of oxygen.

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Gili Labak Island that people call the Island with rats. This little paradise is located in the city of Sumenep Madura, namely Beach tourism in the Islands of Gili Labak (Labek) that its beauty is God’s perfect creations. Layout of the Gili Labak Madura is located in Kombang Village, Sumenep Regency Talango Subdistrict. To be precise, the location of the island which is only inhabited by about 35 families and has an area of 5 hectares is located in the southeast of the city of Sumenep. The island can be reached within 30 minutes on foot.

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If searchers want to the Gili Labak Madura can use bus from Surabaya to Sumenep with travel time for approximately 4 hours. Then after arriving in terminal Sumenep, searchers can find public transport to reach the port of Kalianget. Due to the small island of Gili Labak belongs to so that there are no regular boats, you have to rent a fishing boat for approximately Rp 400,000 round-trip with a capacity of about 18 people. The price is uncertain, so depending on the searchers negotiation with its owner.


Gili Labak Madura offer beautiful views. Stretch of white sand and blue sea with waves ramps make this one very worthy to be traced. And about 50 meters before searchers anchored off shore, searchers will be greeted by beningya sea water make searchers can enjoy a cluster of coral reefs.

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The beauty of Gili Labak Madura none other and no not because of white sand are clean and smooth. Moreover, a typical Beach on the island is not too dangerous with such large waves on the South coast. You can safely play a day at Gili Labak or immerse yourself in the beauty of the coral reefs in Gili charm Labak Madura.

This beautiful island is not too large, just as wide as a football field away. No wonder the new charms are known in recent years as one of the tourist destinations that cannot be missed when you guys go to Sumenep, Madura. Because it is still very virgin, this tourist destinations have not been equipped with a complete tourist infrastructure. Some tools to snorkel alone is still very limited, but there is now some travel

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The required activity on Gili Labak Madura: Snorkling and Diving

In the Gili Labak island one tourist activity that shouldn’t be missed is snorkeling and diving, because the island has a view of the sea bottom is very beautiful. In addition the searchers can also swim, sunbathe, relax on the beach enjoying the view, or walk on the beach. For searchers who want to dive or snorkel is expected to carry their own equipment because Gili Labak Island, there’s no rent.

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Routes And Connections To Gili Labak Madura

Access to the Gili Labak Island is able to pass through the city of Surabaya of Suramadu bridge heading to the county at the end of most Eastern Sumenep Madura island with a mileage of about 4-5 hours away by bus or private car. Sumenep Regency southeast coast there are many small ports that can be used as access to get to the Gili Labak Madura. The tourists must booking a boat alone because there is no regular boat transport to the Gili Labak Island, this is because the island is very small.

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  1. Kalianget Port. Kalianget port is the largest port in Sumenep Regency because this port access to reach the small islands around the island of Madura Island, Raas, like an Island, Kangean Island Sapudi Islands, Masalembu and some other small islands. Kalianget port is about 10 km from the city centre and most used by tourists to Gili Labak Island.
  1. Village Lobuk, district Bluto. This route is nearest compared to other routes. Lobuk village is located in district of Bluto (sub before the city of Sumenep from Surabaya) has mini pier which is the route to go to the King and the Gili Islands Gili Genting. At the t-junction turn right directly Bluto Subdistrict eastward to meet the village Lobuk. Here is a small dock and visitors can directly order the boat.
  1. Cape, and subdistrict Saronggi. Sub Saronggi set after Sub Bluto. At the t-junction subdistrict Centre tourists can instantly turn East (right) and continue the journey to meet a lot of Pier small boat transportation available towards Gili Labak Madura.

Things That Need To Be Noticed In Gili Labak Madura


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  • Snorkeling And Diving Equipment. On the island of Gili Labak not available place rent snorkeling and diving equipment. So the tourists are expected to prepare themselves for these goods.
  • Lodging. Visitors should bring a tent for resting place because the locals in this remote island no one provides lodgings altogether. And of course with the set up tents on the shore of this island will add to the atmosphere of the beauty all its own.
  • Restaurants. If a visit to the island, you will not find a restaurant at all. So it’s expected to bring cooking utensils and supplies its own food.
  • Fresh Water. On the island of Gili Labak is there is no source of fresh water at all. Never to bathe, to cook any tourists must bring their own before making the crossing.
  • Electric. Because of the location of the island is so remote, the flow of electricity on the island do not flare up during the day, only to be lit in the evenings only.
  • Trash. Lately trash there increasingly obsolete coastline along with the growing popularity of this island. So the tourists are required to bring trash bags and trash must be taken home. Mandatory.

Enjoy life in the underwater paradise of Gili Labak Madura, as this still belongs to the Virgin and is currently being discussion hits among the tourists both local and international.

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