1738 0 Garantung (garattung) is one of the traditional musical instruments of batak Toba. Garantung is a type of musical instrument at made of bilahan wood (xylophone). Garantung comprises 7 wooden bilahan suspended above a box at the same time as the “resonator”.

go to site Indonesia is so rich in heritage and traditions of the art of our ancestors. But unfortunately many of the traditions started to wear off and it is not known by the young generation today. Particular areas of North Sumatra there are different types of tribes, one of which was Batak. Batak Toba are one tribe of the five other Batak groups, namely the Batak Karo, Batak Simalungun, Batak Pak-pak, Batak Mandailing, Batak Angkola and. Every ethnic group in North Sumatra has a distinct culture and arts with other ethnicities. Similarly development in ethnic communities, Toba Toba had a hereditary culture inherited from his ancestors, either oral or writing.

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ART OF MUSIC-UNINGAN UNING USE MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS GARANTUNG One element of that culture is the arts. One of the art of music that is in batak called purchase zithromax 250mg online Uning-uningan that uses a lot of traditional musical instruments from North Sumatra include aerophone (a musical instrument that is blown) consists of sarune na met-met, sulim, sordam, tulila, tataloat, salung and alongalong . Types of chordophone (a plucked instrument) is composed of hasapi, tanggetong or mengmong and sidideng . Type of idiophone (a musical instrument is struck) is composed of can I take amoxil with milk garantung, saga-saga, jenggong, and hesek . Later types of membranophone (musical instruments made of animal skin) consists of gardap

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source site Garantung is a traditional Batak Toba musical instruments made of wood wilahan ingol and dosi arranged based on the sequence of tones diatonic melodies, which are included in the xylophone. At first garantung consists only of five blades with tuning the five tones, which was commonly referred to by the term nang ning, nung, neng, nong . Later in its development Garantung has 7 wilahan hung above a box at the same time as resonatornya. Each wilahan has a tone each, i.e. 1 (do), 2 (re), 3 (mi), 4 (fa), 5 (so), 6 (la), and 7 (si). Between the wilahan the one with wilahan more connected and hung with a rope. Resonator box itself also has a stalk, which is the part that also struck as the base rhythm, and melody wilahan. garantung 1

zithromax interaction with alcohol This instrument is played using two sticks to the left hand and right hand. While the left hand serves also as the bearer of melody and rhythm, that carrier left hand hit sprigs part garantung and wilahan while playing a song. This instrument can be played solo (single), but can also be played in one ensambel. THE FUNCTION OF MUSIC GAME GARANTUNG The function Garantung is quite diverse, as a single instrument, formerly Garantung music played by a mother pregnant, so that later the cubs born in a healthy state. garantung 5

buy zithromax in Eindhoven Netherlands As a melodic instrument , musical instrument Garantung plays the same melody ( heterofoni ) with the melodic instruments as sulim, sarune etek hasapi ende, and in one version of the Toba Batak-uningan uning, but each tool can develop the archetypal lines of Melody with variations and additional a freer tone based on the expression and character of each instrument and players.

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Current instruments Garantung often also combined with modern instruments such as electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drum sets, trumpet, saxophone, trombone or also known as ensambel Cornet, which is often played in the show is entertainment, also in the traditional ceremony such as wedding ceremonies, and ceremony dies ( saur matua ulaon ).

Here is a video game music Garantung the most popular in the community of Lake Toba

Welcome to Indonesian Paradise … I Love Indonesiagarantung 1

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