Festival Flower International at Tomohon Indonesia

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Festival Flower International at Tomohon Sulawesi Indonesia

Festival of flowers this would have been located in the town of Tomohon, as far as 25 kilometers from the city of Manado. The city has been known as the city of flowers long before this festival there. Tomohon is located at the foot of Mount Lokon volcano which was recently successful in television news as a result of volcanic eruptionsPowered by temperature and fertile soil make the soil suitable for developers new breed many types of vegetables, fruits and flowers.

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Tournament of Flower Festival is held every 2 years. The Festival was first held in 2008, and in 2012 it will be held internationally under the name of Tomohon International Flower Festival 2012 and followed more than 30 State PAL Indonesia. In a Tournament of this Flower participants will show off his best work in decorating the car with flowers. Variegated forms they make, participants typically decorate with showed the typical participant is respectively.

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Tournament of Flower is one of a series of Tomohon Flower Festival


Where in the series of events that later, usually one week, there will be a liveart performances, exhibitions of tourist city of Tomohon and surroundings, exhibition floli kultura and certainly the most awaited parade or the Tournament of Flower. This series of events is very seized public attention, both the local community as well as domestic tourists. What’s with the enthusiasm of Governments that helped realize this event became an international event since 2010 this would introduce more Indonesia to other countries.

The start location of the parade from a village in the region of Walian southern city of Tomohon and reached the finish in the northern area of the city of Tomohon Rindam about 5 kilometers from the start. Along the way are already on guard by the Committee so that the audience is hysterical ‘ does not impede the course of the parade. In 2008 precisely dated July 3, Tomohon Festival Flower followed by 46 cities in Indonesia witnessed by more than 10 thousand tourists.

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The participants came from all over Indonesia from Medan, Pontianak, Jakarta, Kupang,to bird-shaped decorations of Papua had come into enliven. In this year there is also are cord-breaking world by creating a carpet of flowers. Maybe whoever wins in the Tournament of Flower is becoming the umpteenth interestsaccompaniment and the enthusiasm of the visitor which is actually the main attraction. Whereas in 2010 and then precisely on 20-24 July Tournament of Flower held internationally and attended by 82 participants including foreign participants. 

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The different Flower Festival is held by two other activities , the national standard Flower Queen Contest and Tomohon International Choir Competition. This Flower Queen Contest on local government at once looking for a Princess becomes the love interest of tourist ambassadors in a way that won the contest. Whereas in Tomohon International Choir Competition in ordinate competition category followed by a choral group from Indonesia and abroad.

The Festival Followed by participants from many countries 


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While in the year 2012 this event reportedly will take place on August 8-12 months is already looking forward to followed by the participant from the Philippines, France, the Netherlands, North Korea, Malaysia, and many other participants from other countries as well as Indonesia it self. And no doubt many who wait  to witness the event, and if you are interested please visit Tomohon in North Sulawesi.

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To visit the Festival of flowers make sure you know when was the venue of this event, lest you miss after arriving in North Sulawesi. The Festival is usually held in the middle of the year as the month of July in 2008 and August 2010 or in 2012 and the latest in 2014 Approximate price in traditional venues are usually a bit up with this festive event but if the seller provides opportunities for bargains, do not waste that opportunity. 

To Tomohon is very easy. If from the Sam Ratulangi airport in Manado city you need to go first, about 30 minutes. You can use the taxi service for approximately 90,000 Rupiah or bus/minibus ± Rp 6,000. For minibus you must use a minibus heading for Chapter 2, down and changed its course to the Terminal Karombasan. A minibus with just $ 3000. However, it is advisable for the hobby better take a taxi rental cars only Rp250,000 per 24 h, rather than having to pay the taxi fare back and forth with such a short time.

Once in the town of Manado (Terminal Karombasan) that we come to Tomohon. It’s very easy to follow instructions on the existing road, it’s easy to take a bus from the Terminal towards the city of Tomohon Karombasan the number of buses operating is quite a lot. Along the way you’ll pass through the winding asphalt road and uphill, passing from this peak, Tinoor you could see the whole city of Manado.

Welcome to Indonesian Paradise .. i love indonesia



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