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Transport Museum Batu or some call it Automotive Museum is a new tourist rides in the city of Batu Malang East Java. Transport Museum Batu is really pretty amazing, because you will be brought into a spectacular shades to the means of transport from ancient times to modern. All freight transportation ranging from bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trains, ships, planes, trains horses of yore in the drive by the King.

Several Attractive Zone at Transport Museum Batu

Transport Museum Batu which was built in full in stone town is the concept of the first tour in Indonesia, even in Southeast Asia. Transport Museum presents another tourist area than others. The uniqueness of that especially is the presence of several zones – world tourism zone in the Transport Museum in the areas, among others: the zone of Batavia, America, Europe etc, so that you and your family can capture interesting photos in the background of each of these zones, will be explained in the next section.

Fantastic Transport Museum Batu Indonesia 19Transport Museum is presenting a unique mix of attractions which contains the history and development of the world of transport, combined with the legendary film star or film stars within the backdrop of the city and exotic buildings in Batavia, Europe, America. Style design unique and detail make us as if it was a real the theme of each zone. The concept of tourism Transport Museum already exists in America. But for the Southeast Asia region, the first of Indonesia’s new.

At the Transport Museum Batu , vehicle on display from different areas in the archipelago, as well as the rest of the world, such as the vehicle during President Sukarno’s Indonesia, there are also boats, naval vessels, Motor Zundap, even aircraft. Some of the rides that we can enjoy in Transport Museum Batu is a zone , zone Germany education, United Kingdom, Batavia, Gangsta zone & Broadway, Las Vegas Zone, zone of Italy, Hollywood zone, zone of France, and the floating market.

The Replica of Hulk and Hollywood atmosphere

Fantastic Transport Museum Batu Indonesia 22 Fantastic Transport Museum Batu Indonesia 25

Museum in Hollywood family zone you will see a replica of the Bat mobile (Batman vehicles) or the giant statue The Hulk destroys the car. Designed in such a way so that the atmosphere of Hollywood really feels real

In addition to vehicles, the existence of transport equipment visitors are also pampered with traditional culinary center  unique and interesting are also located in the floating market. In this floating market is possible all sorts of delicious and varied cuisine. While you dine, you and your family can get around with wooden boats, to surround the market Buoyancy.

Let’s Explore the Transport Museum Batu

Fantastic Transport Museum Batu Indonesia 20When you family vacation in the town of Batu Malang, definitely not complete if not tourists visit the latest rides in the city of apples is a Transport Museum.

Yes, the transport museum is a museum exhibiting various ancient and modern way of transportation from various parts of the world, ranging from transport by land, sea and air. With settings that are distinctive and unique to each zone, you and your group will be exploring each zone with their respective transportation.

Education zone

Fantastic Transport Museum Batu Indonesia 16 Fantastic Transport Museum Batu Indonesia 13

Fantastic Transport Museum Batu Indonesia 5Fantastic Transport Museum Batu Indonesia 6

Fantastic Transport Museum Batu Indonesia 8

Fantastic Transport Museum Batu Indonesia 2

After paying the ticket price (read: Transport Museum officially opened) you will enter the first zone, that Education Zone. Here education exhibited a wide range of cars, motorcycles and tools of transportation like the first President Sukarno of INDONESIA car Chrysler Windsor Deluxe series, then there is also the age of the motor-the motor first. Don’t miss the Porsche sports car and F1 driver appears in this zone. Bemo, becak, to train educational zone transport also enliven in the Museum.

Transport Museum post dozens of antique cars like Alfa Romeo, Bentley 1966, exodus in 1957, and the Deluxe production Windsor Chrysler 1952. Even in the museum is filled more or less luxurious vehicle 300 unit at that time. To procure the number of vehicles, the transportation Museum Manager bring vehicles directly from their home country such as the United States, Italy, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, and Japan.

The zone of Chinatown and Batavia

Fantastic Transport Museum Batu Indonesia 18

True to its name, you and your group will enjoy the means of transport in Batavia, the first time. In Chinatown, a typical various transport Indonesia zone such as carts, bicycles complete with the basket containing items, tricycles, motor oplet gig until the 1940s, is the present animating atmosphere like in Chinatown

America, Las Vegas, Gangsters, Hollywood

Fantastic Transport Museum Batu Indonesia 21

Fantastic Transport Museum Batu Indonesia 27

Fantastic Transport Museum Batu Indonesia 26

After enjoying “Jakarta Tempo Doeloe”, visitors will be taken to the next zone, namely the American Zone, equipped with gangster scene, Las Vegas, Broadway and Hollywood. Please take pictures set-photo until satisfied with American police car, famous American artists or photo in a “prison”.

The Zone Of Italy, France, United Kingdom, Germany

Fantastic Transport Museum Batu Indonesia 10

Fantastic Transport Museum Batu Indonesia 17

Fantastic Transport Museum Batu Indonesia 15

Not only is brought to “American”, you and your group-will be presented again views and tools for transportation in Italy, France, the United Kingdom and Germany. How great and beautiful views of the city and vehicles of the time?

Collection of the Museum of transport will continue to be added based on information from the Manager. Some of the rides that will be presented include the Boeing 737 aircraft, train and sea liners still in the Assembly. Then the airplane is mounted on one of the rides at the museum.

The Cute Exit Transport Museum Batu using Train

Tip to exit the Museum, you will climb the train designed just the way you are on on a train that runs, with voices and the typical jolting train.. funny and memorable. At the exit, we directly connected on the floating market selling various knick knacks accessories are funny and interesting culinary variety of food as well as least.

Fantastic Transport Museum Batu Indonesia 14

It is the Transport history Museum tourist center coated with educational elements that are unique and easy to digest and enjoy together with your family. Is truly a pride for the people of Indonesia can have a wealth of tourism as well as Transport Museum.

Welcome to Indonesian Paradise


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