A beach which is located in the northern part of Bali with the characteristic of the cute dolphins, where else if not in Lovina beach. Lovina Beach has been known not only throughout the country but also to the foreign countries. Proven by the number of foreign tourists visiting lovina beach just to simply relax or enjoy all the beauty nature in this Dolphin Beach.

Black sandy beaches, the dolphins are living freely in a sea oflovina. There is no brave fishermen catch dolphins is for sale because the dolphins in lovina Beach it has on protect by law the local government.

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What’s On Lovina Beach Bali ?

“On the beach of lovina there’s place of Dolphin, as it becomes an icon for the Lovina Beach Bali in terms of dolphins. Marine animals are cute and adorable became a distinguishing characteristic of lovina Beach and other beaches in North bali.

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In addition to dolphins, Lovina Beach Bali also has a natural beauty that is so fantastic. Here also you can watch dolphins interact, you can also enjoy the beauty of marine life and diving lovina or snorkeling. You can watch a variety of colorful fish that packed enough and also friendly. Although the underwater tours lovina beach is not as good as the other beaches in Indonesia, but its beauty is enough to make hearts be happy with playing with ornamental fish there.

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In addition on the edge of the beach, you can also find a variety of shells that are variegated. Sure you can pick it up for a collection of ornaments and souvenirs that are natural and attractive.

Cute Dolphins in Lovina Beach Bali

The Dolphins Are Fun Jumping Into Sea Level Lovina.  Dolphins in Lovina Beach Bali  usualy appears early in the morning. At around 05.00-08.00: you can see a group of dolphins that swim to the surface of sea water. There are just simply swim to the surface of the sea there are also skipping the joy of everyday activities.

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If you want to enjoy the beauty, you have to get up at least at 05.30 Wita. If they don’t want to be too hasty, you should stay ata hotel near the beach of lovina. Considering the dolphins there are also waking up early in the morning blind. By using local fishing boats which can be piloted by a maximum of 5 persons including tourists fishing you will be strongly encouraged to enter into the ocean at least 1-2 Kilo meters from shore.

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During the trip, you will be presented with a view of the beautiful beach morning sun beams that add exotic beauty of nature around us. Look to shore, it would seem the Mainland lovina that looks like a silhouette. Plus a full morning air fresh,complements the natural beauty that is presented in full perfection.

After arriving in the middle of the sea, the fishermen will besearching for places where a flock of dolphins often show up. It also requires luck, which isn’t always the same location will be seenby the dolphins. However, when a fisherman spotted a flock of dolphins so he will call other fishermen to take you the tourists see the dolphins.

Of course you can capture or record those moments where the dolphins danced jumping joy. When you are finished watching a flock of dolphins, it’s time you authorized service representative willtun to get back to the Mainland. While heading for the mainland you can also see the beauty of lovina Beach from the middle of the sea.

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If You Are Lucky You Will See The Direct Dolphins In Lovina

If you are tourists from outside bali, in Indonesia or abroad.Where you will land at the Ngurah Rai International Airport. From there to North bali at least a distance of approximately 120 kilometers to reach 3 hours travel timeUntil in lovina, you should find a hotel or Inn which is located not far from the lips of lovina beach. Thus you can more freely if you want to watch the dolphins in Lovina beach Bali

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