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Fantastic Archipelago at Derawan Island East Kalimantan

Derawan Island archipelago in derawan, berau Regency, derawan subdistrict, East kalimantan derawan morphology unit is the coastal plain flat-topography. The sand has a slope of a hill side around 7 °11 ° with wide 13.5 – 20 metres.

The surrounding waters are a marine park and is known as a diving tours (diving) with a depth of about five meters. Biota is found here, including the squid (cuttlefish), lobster, fish pipe (ghostpipe fish), Octopus (octopus bluering), nudibranchs, sea horse (seahorses), eel Ribbon (ribbon eels) and fish(scorpionfishes) skorpion.

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On a coral reef at a depth of ten meters, there is a reef known as the “blue trigger wall” because on the reef with a length of 18 meters there are fish many of the trigger (red-toothed trigger fishes).

Fantastic Sea Water Color Gradation

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Derawan Island archipelago is an island with a surface sea water color gradations of blue and green views, soft white sand, rows of Palm trees on the coast, with a small forest in the middle of the island is the habitat of various types of plants and animals and natural beauty under the sea. No wonder if it could be the third top ranks as a world class diving destinations of the world and make it as a dream island for divers.

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Many Of Point Diving at Derawan Island

Around Derawan, as many as 28 point diving have been identified .To explore all of this point at least it takes about 10 days with one dives in each point. To move from one point to another, visitors could use the ship. In the meantime, visitors can also explore the island by foot.

The Beautiful Coral Reef at the Sea


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Dr. Carden Wallace of museum of tropical queensland, australia has ever researched sea wealth Derawan and find more than 50 varieties of arcropora (sea animals) in a coral reef. It is not wrong if the Derawan is reputed to be the third top-order in the world as an international diving destination.

Coral reefs in derawan Islands is wide spread throughout the island and burnt in Derawan Islands. The sandbarcharred in the islands include long island Scrubfowl, burnt masimbung, buliulin, charredburnt  pinaka, scorched and charred tababinga muaras.

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The type Derawan Islands reefs consist of coral banks, barrier reef and  atolls. This atoll has been formed into the island and formed into a salt water lake. manta tow surveys 2003  shows the average caps of coral reefs in long island is 24, 25% for hard corals and coral to live. 34,88 Coral reefs in Derawan island have average coral cover hard corals 17,41% and the coverage of living corals 27,78%. With a total of 460 to 470 species indicates that this wealth of biodiversity becomes number two after raja ampat Islands.

The main area of coral reefs:

  • – the western portion of Long Island (inlet and channel)
  • – muaras with high diversity of corals, coral, and aesthetic value
  • – malalungun reef, diversity is high with a complex structure with a wide   variety of habitats
  • – big rich coral habitats

Reef fish survey in 2003 showed that the islands produce 832 species. In addition, it is estimated at least 1.051 species in the waters of Hong Kong with the kind of dominant gobes (gobiidae),wrasses (labridae), and damselfishes (pomacentridae).

Cute Green Turtle 


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Sometimes when sitting on the ends of the wooden bridge that leads to the sea, we can see that green turtlesturtles fro the surface water is clear. When diving we accompanied the turtles that swim around us. Occasionally even the turtles turtles appear to be wondering around the cottage, situated in the coast of the island. As night falls, some turtle rises to land line and lay their eggs there.

The turtle can be found around long island, derawan, kakaban,maratua semama and as well as long island and dugong semamaOther unique species is the manta rays (manta birostris) found on the island of maratua and pig.

The Islands Around Derawan Island


Visitors can also review other islands around derawan. For example: the island, kakaban, maratua island and has its own uniqueness sangalaki. Blue manta rays (manta rays) which has wide reaching 3.5 meters populated island of maratua. In fact can also be found if lucky enough black Stingray with a hearty “wingspan” 6 meters. Sangalaki Island while having the uniqueness of a prehistoric Lake that existed in the middle of the sea, the only one in asia.

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Typical and protected species that can be found include the coconut crab (birgus latro), whales, dolphins (delphinus), green sea turtle (chelonia mydas), hawksbills (erethmochelys fimbriata), and the dugong (dugong dugon). Coconut crabs can be found on the islands of sangalaki and kakaban. The Pope can be found around the kakaban island at certain seasons while the dolphins around the islands of sangalaki, maratua, semama, kakaban, and burnt muaras.

You must visit the derawan Island, because it’s showing the most charming beauty of Indonesia’s sea. The majority of visitors are tourists from Derawan island in Europe and America as well as Asia.

Welcome to Indonesian Paradise .. I Love Indonesia



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