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Types of Craft Batik Solo Indonesia and The Explanation

Solo is a town located in the region of Surakarta Regency in Central Java province. Solo is famous for its still the Javanese culture. Solo has determined to continue preserving Javanese culture by using the now famous slogan with The Spirit of Java.
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Solo is now also famous for batik, batik solo icon was also a mainstay of tourists when they visit solo, especially areas that became the center of batik annually solo is in laweyan and Kampong batik kauman tours. Batik solo himself became main stay of local products are already well known in Indonesia and already in the export to a foreign country.
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Batik is it self a cultural characteristic that belongs to the people of Indonesia. In ancient times women made Java batik skills as aliveli hood in the life of a day today. So famous in antiquity is the exclusive job of making batik work.
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His own solo Batik is famous for his traditional style, both in the process of the cap as well as the process of writing. The material own compassion materials using local materials, such as materials for staining uses material from batik Soga Java batik patterns, while the famous solo in indonesia is the pattern and the pattern Sidoluruh Sidomukti.
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The Motifs of Craft Batik Solo Indonesia

Batik motifs created any  variety, with the hope that it can bring benefit to the wearer.
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Parang, Kawung Barong and Rusak Sawat.
Batik motif is considered sacred and is only used by the King and his family.
Slobog loose/large means. Batik is commonly used for organizing. And the meanings contained within these motifs to a deceased person who died didn’t get hitch and accepted his kindness.
Batik is usually associated with the bride and groom. Generally thisis used for bati motif wedding event. From own means i.e. a continuous and sido mukti means bercukupan. The intent is towear it can live happily with the fortune that always would be sure.
Still associated with weddings, these motifs commonly worn by the bride‘s parents. Truntum it self means leads, so intended to in a marriage the parents always brought his son in wading through a new life so that it would become a family that sakinah.
Satrio Manah.
Batik is commonly used by the Trustees of the groom at the time of the procession of the application/proposal. Meanings of motifs that applications may be accepted by the prospective bride andher family.
Semen Rante.
In the application process if guardian groom wear motif SatrioManah then for the bride to wear batik Cement Rante. The chain it self implies a solid bond, so the expectation when the cover shows the bride and groom received the bride wanted a strong and sturdy bonds so that it can not be separated.
Parang Kusumo.
This batik are worn by the bride during the ceremony of the exchange of rings. Kusumo means flowers that are blooming. The fact that the bride is already siaplahir or spiritual marriage.
Worn by the mother of the bride exchange rings at time of event.This member does the batik motifs that marriage cannot be separated as mimin lan mintuno. Pamiluto comes from the word bird lime.
Ceplok Kasatryan.
Used as a bridal procession in the fabric before both families sit in the Chair.
Semen Gendong
Batik motif on this subject after the completion of the wedding ceremony with the expectation of immediately getting thedescendants of Dharma and the teaser.
Derived from the word bundet. Worn by the bride at the time of the first night.
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Solo Batik motifs often used also for foreign heads of State at a meeting with the President of Indonesia in the framework of working visit to Indonesia, or in use on official State banquets in Indonesia.
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