Elephant Safari Park Bali is located in the Ubud  is one of the rides you can take advantage of to eliminate tiredness because of activities, relaxing while watching the big-body animal, the elephant. Worthy of note that the Park is a unique Elephant rides, fascinating and rare. Hence, its existence also serves as a tourist venue also became the location of the protection of rare species that got the world’s recognition, and certainly could not be copied to other places.

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Elephant Safari Park Bali was first opened in 2000, after it was first built in 1997. Even when the opening of this safari park, one of the representatives of the World Zoo Association were also present that prove the existence of the elephant safari park is very important. Elephant Safari Park Lodge is also claimed as an exotic ecosystem Botanical Garden and is also the world’s best Elephant Park.

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Various facilities are provided in full in the Elephant Safari Park Bali. Existing facilities also have international-standard. In the garden is also available a fairly comprehensive museum, where it stores the collection of elephants. In addition to sightseeing, in this place make it possible for You to get to know closer the animals are large on this one. On certain days, this safari park is also commonly showing attractions which shows just how clever and expert elephant, like paint, play ball, and others.

The World’s Best Elephant Safari Park Bali


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Expressed as a Zoo Elephant is the best in the world ‘ the world’s Best Elephant Park ‘ , with a reception and information center which is very adequately, including the MUSEUM, with a collection of relics of the elephants and have one of the Kerangga ancestors of elephants in Southeast Asia (Mammoth). We can see the Elephants – Elephant dipping herself in the Lake that has been provided, and it is also able to perform activities such as drawing, playing football or other activities. We can hold and take photograph , and then learn more about the origin of the elephant and its history in a more clear and deep.

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Restaurant with a capacity of 200 sitting near the Lake, ideal for large groups or marriage, provides an international menu that is very special. There is also a shop with souvenirs Production such as painting the elephant accessories  elephant, elephant tusks, ivory elephant ancestors, chisel-sculptures, clothing, souvenirs as well as a variety of jewelry.

Elephant performances and ability can be seen on the arena gardens that are specified and every day we can see elephants paint at certain hours. The elephant Safari Park in Taro  is an experience that is truly rare. All the elephants in the Park came from central Sumatra as well as the South. This Safari Park is ideal for all the family members and is open daily.

The Facilities of Elephant Safari Park Bali

Elephant safari park bali a unique elephant park 5Elephant Safari Park Bali facilities as follows

  • Central Reception with a performance history and Physiology (body shape) of the elephant
  • Souvenir shops, featuring various range of products related to elephants
  • Restaurant and Bar with a capacity of 200 seats with stunning views over the Lake and gardens.
  • Purchase snacks and photo kiosk
  • Museum with exhibits of 1,000 exhibits and 15,000 years of age the great ancestor of the elephant skeleton (Mammoth).
  • The arena show and venue painting for elephants

Elephant safari park bali a unique elephant park 6Visitors can do the following:

  • Elephant rides through the Woods cool Taro (required to buy the entrance ticket)
  • Hold and deliver a meal to an elephant
  • Observe the elephant bath/washed
  • Take photo together with Elephant
  • See directly the knowledge possessed by an elephant and watched them painting
  • Participation in the activities of the children.
  • There are also elephant wedding packages …

If you and your family would like to stay, don’t worry because there is a lodging facility that can be used. Rooms in the Inn are decorated by frescoes painted by icethe elephant while performing. The architect of her lodgings are also unique, because it is inspired by the elephant artifact. Inside the room, you can also enjoy LCD satellite TV, air conditioning, and free wi-fi internet. Quite exciting and convenient, isn’t it? So soon scheduling to pay a visit to this unique garden!

The location of the Elephant Ride

Elephant Safari Park Bali is in the way the Elephant Safari Park, Ubud 80571, Bali – Indonesia. Welcome to Indonesian Paradise – I Love Indon


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