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Fantastic Surf’s Spot at DREAMLAND Beach Bali Indonesia

Dreamland Beach tourist attractions located in the area called Pecatu. Its location on the southern part of the island of Bali, if you travel from the airport to Dreamland is close and one direction by GWK is indeed has a beauty that equate to KUTA and even more unique than kuta, and people refer to it as The next Kuta beach, where she is much more beautiful ambiance more deserted visitors. The beach is surrounded by cliffs and surrounded by towering rocks are great around its shores.

White sand and a steep gully became so enthralling scenery to be seenLocation of the white-sanded beach is narrow right below the steep reef wall is perfect for enjoying a sunset or simply watch the surfers attractions. The waves are high and many great demand by fans of water sports-surfing (surfing), even such as have been surfing Dreamland spot for new areas of Bali.

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Dreamland  Beach Bali Attractions

Dreamland beach clean white sand, lies below a steep cliff creates the scenery that was so riveting. The uniqueness of this panorama became perhaps the winds surfer, besides enjoying the crystal clear water to swim, as well as the beauty of the sunset teasing every visitor, enjoy the beautiful nature, peace with the strains of the edge of the surf, indefatigable from the parking area to the beach not so far.

Beach Dream Land

The origin of the name because it used to be, the Dreamland was a residential and tourist project. But those projects are blocked so that it becomes dormant while the inhabitants of the village of Pecatu once lived as farmers are hoping the project completed and they can be involved with other businesses in the field of tourism. Because of the expectations of the community and the land became the land of the future they then give the name of this land with dream land (land of dreams)

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Dreamland Beach your self when seen from a typical sand, roll of waves is almost similar to the Kuta Beach lot even much more beautiful as ornament of the coral reef at around offering different shades, coral cliffs look beautiful adorned beach edge is more deserted visitors. White sand, steep gully natural ornament into a landscape that so captivate the eye to be seen. The water still looks crystal-clear. Attractions in Bali is verypity not to visit.

Dreamland Beach Bali The Exotic Place

Because the place is quiet and the texture of the waves is pretty good, for hobbyist surfing will certainly feel pampered, bend and roll the waves become interesting challenges, more foreign tourists come here other than to surf the Sun also. This place also has incredible reef is unique. often used for shooting session prewed, models or even shooting for the filming of both from within and outside the country. The existence of, denoted natural reefs add to the exotic, romantic feel integrated in harmony from this beach beside a wonderful sunset. 

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To be able to visit the Dreamland Beach, tourists can take several options packs full day tour, Uluwatuwatersport vacation shorter duration if there are half day GWK Uluwatu Tourwhich we have arrange the route his journey. Or tourists can rent a car in Bali +driver + fuel determines its own beautiful places which would be also selected its own steering wheel if it already knows the route , all options are flexible with prices cheap and economical.

A visit to the area South of Bali you can not only visit this coast alone, a number of popular attractions are usually packaged in packages, but if you rent a car in Bali, following direct places in a full day of travel, Benoa to Tanjung first as its game water sport, then to Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) has the following objectives to Dreamland beach or alternatively other Pandava.

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Once the Sun is satisfied or watched the cliffs, white sand beach, with its crystal clear waters of our tour continued to Uluwatu Temple tourist attraction, and then continue the romantic dinner at Jimbaran.

Welcome to Indonesian Paradise..I Love Indonesia


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