Church’s  Chiken located in the town of  Magelang, Central Java Jogjakarta . Many who call as “Church’s Chicken Magelang” because the design of the building resembles a chicken complete with tail and head. Your local hometown and surrounding community call “Goose Brood” because of his long body postures such as geese. Whereas, according to the maker, the building was precisely mimic the shape of a dove.

Magelang city is a town that only has an area of approximately 18 km2, although the town is small but has a lot of attractions that are not less Interestingly with other major cities in Indonesia. In addition to its natural Magelang city tours also have a historical relics aka add knowledge you guys, such as temples, museums etc. Not only that, it also has many buildings of Magelang unique cool and interesting.

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One of them is Church’s Chicken , or pigeons, there is also a Church called it with the Bird because of its shape which resembles a bird.


Church’s Chicken Magelang is geographically located in the Kembanglimus,Borobudur. Precisely in Gombong Village, Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java. To get to the building must down the path to the hill a mountain. Church tower of chicken it becomes sort of a guide when walking along the footpath. Adjacent to the Church, there is a panoramic view from the hill Punthuk Setumbu tease, especially at sunrise.

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Church’s Chiken Magelang resembles a giant bird that was in the middle of the forest. While there are still surrounding the lush trees and shrubs. The building is located on the Hill of Rhema, one of the hills in the ranks of Borobudur, the building is decorated with beautiful ornaments and vintage, there’s a strange stairs to climb to the top floor, a spacious room without restrictions, such as a place to do acts of worship like a church.

While at the bottom, there is a lot of room, measuring 2×1 square metres with no Windows and no doors, still less obvious bulkhead building room on the ground floor that serves as the what.


According to most of the information obtained from the local people, the Church has been established since the year 1980 ‘s. Its location on top of a hill, with road access to the site still rocks and grass weeds yg high. But some other versions also not less convincing, this church dating back to the 1990s.

Starting from Daniel Alamsjah are owners of this church building. Daniel is married to locals. One day, Daniel got a vision of God to build a church shaped like a dove on a hill, to unite Christians around the world. The shape of the Dove is believed symbolizing the Holy Spirit as well as a place of refuge. Many times Daniel gets the revelation about the vision of God, so he decided to visit her mother-in-law who lives in a village at the foot of the Hill of Monoreh, also called Gombong. He has strong feelings should climb this hill. Upon arrival at the top of the Hill he started to pray, is this the Hill he saw in vision the Lord revealed to him?

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Daniel continues to pray every day on the hill, realized that he could not have enough money to buy the Hill, until he was sure that God will surely help him realize the construction of Church’s Chicken Magelang. Within 6 months, in 1994 finally managed to have Daniel 2.5 acres of land above the hill and began to build his dream.

The building is now known as Church’s chicken or Pigeon Hill. One version mentions, in 1998, where Indonesia is experiencing an economic crisis, impacting also on the continuation of the project belongs to Daniel. He ran out of money and losing sponsors are working together to build this project, until Daniel lost interest to continue the project of construction of this church. Since then his church became dormant.

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Until the current structure of the church building is still okay, it’s just been a lot of chipped paint and ornaments of the window on the side of the building had been damaged and full of action vandalism so impressed into slums and armature.

According to other information says, Church’s Chiken Magelang  construction project  which houses a prayer almost 70% completed and used to be a place of rehabilitation of drug users, juvenile delinquency, etc. Rehab uses two rooms on the 1st floor of the building. While the 2nd floor of the great hall used for praying. However, due to the refusal of the local people, who thought the building was used for immoral activities, eventually leaving this Sahadeva Daniel in the year 2000, and rebuild a House of prayer and the rehabilitation (Rhema Ministry) elsewhere.

The Structure Of Levels Of Church’s Chicken Magelang


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The first level, the ceiling of the Church.  Here, visitors can see the overall room churches chicken, with some of the pillars are abandoned in the corner of the tail and flower-shaped Windows on each side. If the jelly, visitors can also witness the cross motif on the ceiling of the building.

The Second Level, The Neck Of A Chicken At this level, visitors can see the view through the windows of the small parallelogram-shaped, that is mounted on the neck. Including the natural landscape that blends with the body to vent the chickens who witnessed from the position of the neck of the chicken.

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The Third Level, Half Of A Chicken. Rise to the top again, is part of a chicken beak, red breaks. In this section there are the means to watch the spectacle of half a chicken.

The Fourth Level, The Crown Chicken. When fit, visitors can also climb the ladder towards the crown chicken through a small hole about the size of an adult’s body Indonesia which has not been overweight. The most engrossing is the view from the crown, this chicken exceptional beauty.

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Although the building has long been dormant and neglected, and the already overgrown by vegetation, but the building still stands grandly atop the Hill. Many people visit this place because it is interested in the beauty of the place and unique buildings. Not many of them are using this place as a location for hunting photos.

Dawn is a tremendous momentum to enjoy the sunrise. Moreover, the Church spires of the chicken. The eyes will be spoiled the scenery around hill incise. Rice fields unfolds in the distance, and some of the hills into a sort of natural fortress. Borobudur Temple ever seen at a distance. A tour to visit if you’re visiting the city of Magelang and Yogyakarta in Central Java Indonesia.

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