Bunaken is one of the Natural attractions of Indonesia, which is a tropical island 8,08 km in the Bay of Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. The island can be reached by chartered boat or speedboat trip with about 30 minutes from the port city of Manado. Around the island there are Sites of Bunaken marine park which is part of the Bunaken National Park. Bunaken Marine Park tourist attraction has a marine biodiversity one of the highest in the world. An on-site scuba diving attracts many visitors to the island.


Overall Bunaken Marine Park tourist attraction covers an area of 75.265 ha with five islands that are in it, namely the island of Manado Bunaken Island, Tu, Siladen Island, Mantehage Island following several islands, and Island Naen. Although covering an area 72.265 ha, dive sites are limited in each that surrounds the island. Bunaken Marine Park tourist attraction has a 20 point dive with depth varies up to 1,344 m. From 20 point dive dive points, 12 of which are located around the island of Bunaken. Twelve point dive this is the most often visited by divers and lovers of beautiful scenery under the sea. Most of the 12 point dive in Bunaken Marine Park tourist attraction lined from the Southeast to the Northwest of the island. In this area there is a giant coral walls that stand vertically and curved upwards. The coral wall is also a source of food for fish in the waters around Bunaken Island.

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Bunaken National Park was established in 1991 and is one of the world’s first marine park. In 2005, coral became a world heritage site by UNESCO in Indonesia are listed after. Going on a significant increase in tourist visits to the Park. Bunaken National Park can be divided into two parts: the northern part and the southern part. The northern part of the island, and includes five coastal areas between the Molas to Tiwoho called The Molas-Wori. The southern part consists entirely coastal areas between the village of Poopoh and the villages of Arakan Coast called Popareng-Wawontulap. In this region, there are 22 villages with a population of about 35 thousand. The majority made their living as farmers and fishermen as well as his work on 25 tourism.

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You can explore the island on foot or using the ship to move from one place to the other. Even just walking around the beach alone is a pleasant experience. So, it is not the only choice of diving. The other way is to use a semi submersible ships leased off the coast of Bunaken Island. These ships provide the glass walls to be able to enjoy the beauty and exoticism of the seabed, coral. There is also a Blue submarine Banter which will only operate when the sea tide. View more of course obtains the maximum though the fare is much more expensive than a semi submersible vessel glass-walled.


Have you ever imagined being a mermaid? Swim with sea dwellers, moving to the rhythm of the waves? In Bunaken marine park you will find the “Mermaid” was actually while seeing the wealth of Indonesia sea.

Bunaken is located in the Bay of Manado with extensive 8,08 km2, is located in the North of the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Bunaken is part of the Government of the city of Manado, capital of North Sulawesi. Marine parks around Bunaken is part of the National Park which includes the sea around the island of Manado Tua, Siladen and Mantehage.

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In Bunaken Marine Park, visitors can see a variety of amazing sea life full of colorful. To achieve this marine park, you can use a boat motor. A trip from Manado takes about 40 minutes. The entrance fee is Rp 25,000 / person.

The sea waters of Bunaken lets people can clearly see a variety of marine life. There are 13 types of coral reefs in marine parks is dominated by rocks of the sea. The most interesting sights are the coral reefs of the rugged towering vertical down as deep as 25-50 meters. Pamper your eyes with 91 species of fish in the Sea, coral Garden, which is a local fish gusimi horse (Hippocampus), koi (Seriola rivoliana) white, yellow-tailed lolosi (Lutjanus kasmira), goropa (spilotocepsep hinephelus Pseudanthias hypselosoma and), Indigo gasi (Scolopsis bilineatus), and others.

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Divers can also find molluscs such as giant clams (Tridacna gigas), the head of the goat fish (Cassis cornuta), nautilus (Nautilus pompillius), and tunikates or askidian. For those of you who loved scuba diving then this is the place where the most good. There are about 20 dive spots, where divers will get the chance to swim in the sea with diverse marine life are amazing.


Make sure you will be there at best time during the Bunaken between the months of May to August. In this month you can explore the whole of this beautiful Marine Park. On this island you can choose lodging with prices starting from Rp 40,000 for entrance ticket per person per day, including full facilities. Several diving operators in Bunaken offers more expensive course with adequate facilities.

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You can also choose to stay in a hotel in the city of Manado and later ordered the daily package to Bunaken. Usually depart in the morning and return in the afternoon. See directory of starred hotels in Manado

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