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9 Amazing Beautiful Spot at Belitung Island 


BANGKA Belitung is a province whose name is taken from the two islands of Bangka and Belitung, kepulauan Bangka Belitung has hundreds of Islands and only tens of course are inhabited. If you’ve never been to the island you have to arrange your holiday here since the island is one of the places that are quite beautiful in Indonesia. The following attractions in Bangka Belitung, which can be visited as follows :

1. Parai Beach Mackerel.


Best of Belitung Island Tourism Indonesia parai

Attractions in Bangka Belitung  Island first we headed to the beach, Parai Mackerel in its mattress Sungailiat. Beach of Bangka Belitung is one that is a favorite for holiday travelers. On the beach we Mackerel Parai can find natural ornaments in the form of a large granite rock piles with various shapes adorn the coast this mackerel parai. For visitors who want to stay here as well could, it features a beach resort with a 4 star hotel which Parai Beach Resort.

2. Tanjung Pesona


Best of Belitung Island Tourism Indonesia tanjung pesona

As is typical of coastal in Bangka Belitung Island, Tanjung Pesona also combines a blend of white sand and rocks that is well adorned the beach. Tanjung’s charm lies in the village of Rambak Sungai liat district, about an hour’s drive from Depati Amir, Pangkalpinang. Its shores are well managed and lodging are also available at Tanjung charm.

3. Beach Mattress


Best of Belitung Island Tourism Indonesia 2

The beach is located in the village of Futon Mattresses, Mattress, beach Sungailiat District this spacious ramps, as well as white sand and there is a flow of fresh water. With a length of 3 km and a width of 20-30 metres may be this is the longest and widest Beach in Bangka Belitung. There is also lodging, hotels and entertainment venues for those of you who would like to spend your vacation here.

4. Batu Bedaun Beach 


Best of Belitung Island Tourism Indonesia Batu Badaon

Sungailiat on Bangka of Bangka Belitung is the area that has the largest Beach and became one of the tourist attraction in Bangka Belitung. In addition to the above three beaches you can also visit the beach of Batu Bedaun located in kampung Bukit Sinar Jaya, Kuala, Village, district Sungailiat. Called so because there are trees that grow on rocks located not far from shore.

5. Lake Sekar Blue


Belitung Island Tourism Indonesia 1

Blue Lake Sekar as the name of the lake where the water is blue and white crater resembles a glimpse of ciwidey, but lake water this Blue Blue sekar is likely due to the reflection of sunlight to the bottom of a Lake-walled ground kaolin (clay minerals of Tin). The Lake is located in the vicinity of the village of Sekar Taman Salim Perumnas Blue Subdistrict of West Bangka Regency Jebus.

6. Cape Bangka Belitung


Best of Belitung Island Tourism Indonesia 4

Tanjung you guys besides having clean beaches and beautiful, the beach of Cape you guys also have a historical legacy in the form of former World War II ship. These Guys are Cape coast approximately 10 km from the city of Muntok, Bangka Barat. In addition to the lighthouse, there is here a machete ruins Netherlands which was built in 1862.

7. Tanjung Siambul


Best of Belitung Island Tourism Indonesia 5

The stone head of a bird that can be seen from the beach Siambul Bangka Belitung. Tanjung Siambul located in Kecamatan Sijuk, Kabupaten Belitung, Bangka Belitung. Tanjung Siambul is the gateway or the place where the tourists can go to the small islands in the vicinity. In Tanjung Siambul is there something quite interesting that a rock that resembles a bird’s head that can be seen from the coast of Cape Siambul Bangka Belitung.

8. High Cape Coast


Best of Belitung Island Tourism Indonesia 11


Tanjung high with granite. The beach is a beach in High Promontory of Bangka Belitung, which provided the place filming locations the film laskar pelangi, therefore High Cape is well known and quite crowded tourists curious with this beach. Tanjung is High around 30 km from the city of Tanjung Pandan.

9. Island of Galangal


Best of Belitung Island Tourism Indonesia 12

The island of Bangka Belitung Galangal lighthouse. The island of Galangal is well known with the lighthouse built by the Netherlands in 1882, in addition to enjoying the beaches, tourists can also go up to the top of the lighthouse to enjoy a view of the island from a height of galangal. You can go to the island of Galangal is by boat from the beach of Cape Siambul and earlier stopped by once to a desert island.

It is just part of attractions in Bangka Belitung Island is a pretty interesting place to visit, but it’s certainly much more beautiful and interesting place for your further explorations in Bangka Belitung.

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