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The Beauty Of The Secret Beach Of The Enchanting PANDAWA BEACH BALI

Pandawa Beach Bali is one of the attractions in Bali is located in the village of Lice town in South, Kutuh, Badung Regency. The beach of the Pandawas is also often known by the name the beach Kutuh, and sometimes also referred to as a secret (the Secret Beach) because it is located behind the cliffs.

The cliffs on the coast of the Pandawa Beach BALI


When you visit these beaches, there are high cliffs that are over grown with shrubs.Once the access road leading to the beach Which is hard enough, but because it has a very charming beauty of the eyes of the visitors then local governments create or open access either way along approximately 1.5 km. access road being made is quite unique and it looks pretentious because his path flanked by high cliffs.

beautiful pandawa beach bali indonesia 6

Pandawa Beach Bali with high cliffs

In addition to the high cliffs, you will also find the statues of the five Pandavas,sculpture puppet Yudhistira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva. The statue will bethe fifth we see when entering the coastal area of the Pandavas. The fifth statue was also installed in the cliffs, so that visitors who come will see it lined up fifth of the statues in order.

beautiful pandawa beach bali indonesia 2

The statue on the beach of the Pandawas.

Other interesting things you can find at the beach is the beach with the charm of the Pandawas themselves. The beauty of the beach of the Pandawas do not need to doubt,since the access road which has now facilitated this beach often visited by visitors,be it domestic and foreign tourists. Sound of the roar of the water waves accompanied by dazzling white sand make this beach worth made a getaway you and your family also.

beautiful pandawa beach bali indonesia 3

Activities that could you guys do on the beach this Pandawa. You can swim or sit relaxed in the beach while enjoying fresh coconut water drinks accompanied with roasted corn. Or you can also take a walk while you see how the farmers are working in the kelp cultivating seaweed. The cultivation of seaweed has long been conducted by local people since the 1980 ‘s to the present. And now the cultivation result has made cooperation with other countries such as the United States and Denmark.

Towards The Coast The Pandawas Bali

From Ngurah Rai Port Water, if you’re heading to the beach of Pandawa then you would reach a distance of approximately 18 kilometres with a journey time of approximately 1 hour. Why so long? Yes because this attraction to the area including the area prone to congestion.

beautiful pandawa beach bali indonesia 4

Heading to the beach, you will pass the main paved roads are rather narrow and flanked by two tall cliffs. In this way the environment is based on the lime soil increasingly complement the beauty of the beach this Pandawa.

Welcome to Indonesian Paradise .. I Love Indonesia



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