Beautiful LOMBOK Island at Indonesia


Several Exotic Places at Lombok Island

Places of Interest Lombok. WHO doesn’t understand the island this one. though not as famed as island, however Lombok includes a natural beauty that’s not inferior to the island. If I had to decide on, I still opt for the island of Lombok with associate abundance of beauty. Lombok Island is found east of the island of island and within the Province of West Lesser Sunda Islands.

Lombok Island commercial enterprise sector is progressing terribly chop-chop, as supported adequate facilities and infrastructure like airports, seaports, hotels, and others. thus nobody once it’s fully swing Lombok foreign tourists once island. Here’s an inventory of fascinating sights on the island of Lombok:

1.  Three (3) Gili (Trawangan, Meno, Water)


For those that have ever visited 3 Gili is especially Gili Trawangan, definitely as if we have a tendency to weren’t in Indonesia as a traveller in tiny exotic islands, the bulk of foreign tourists. Nearly 90 % of tourists in Gili Trawangan area unit foreign tourists, if any subject, and even then most of the native residents.

In three of this Gili, travelers are soft with the natural fantastic thing about the beach and underwater with coral reefs and marine fish that area unit thus tempting. additionally to its natural, in Gili Trawangan, we are going to be lulled by its nightlife packed with agitated music and pleasure and beachside eateries which will definitely build the atmosphere even additional special, particularly if you’re on vacation with family.

Beautiful Lombok Island at Indonesia - three gili

2. Four (4) Gili Sekotong, West Lombok (Gili Nanggu, Sudak, Tangkong, Kedis).

Maybe his name isn’t as common as three dyke in northern Lombok, however if you would like a beach vacation with natural beauty and a quieter atmosphere, four dyke in West Lombok this may well be the simplest possibility. to attain these four tiny island, you’ll be able to use a personal vehicle from Mataram to Sekotong that may be taken for one.5 hours. Or if you’re from Sheet Harbour, simply forty five minutes, you’ll be able to get Sekotong.

Beautiful Lombok Island at Indonesia - sekotong

To explore the four tiny islands, tourists will rent a ship all day long with a reasonably low rate of Rp 250-300 thousand / boat with a most of vi passengers. For those of you WHO don’t have snorkel gear, don’t worry, there’s additionally accessible a rental at cheap costs. solely with fifty thousand greenbacks you’ll be able to use the total snorkel instrumentality like, mask, fins, and buoys.

Gili Sudak, guests will pay the night in an exceedingly tent on the beach sand is incredibly white and soft. For those of you who need a more leisurely and romantic atmosphere, will keep within the house that is in Gili Nanggu with the rather pricey value, however per what we have a tendency to get.

3. Senggigi Beach

Lombok is packed with holidaymaker beaches, one amongst that the foremost famed is that the Senggigi Beach. The beach is found on the geographic region of the island of Lombok. If you would like a vacation to Gili Trawangan, stop into this Senggigi Beach, relish the nice and cozy breeze beaches dotted with fishing boats area unit docked on the city district.

Beautiful Lombok Island at Indonesia - senggigi beah

For accommodation and cookery, within the holidaymaker space around Senggigi Beach is lined with restaurants that area unit invariably able to welcome you. As for lodging, you simply opt for that edifice is appropriate for the contents of your billfold. If your billfold is thick, will keep in hotels on the wayside Senggigi, however if your funds area unit running low, you simply walk to the tiny alleys that a lot of stand-class hotels and hiker budget.

Beautiful Lombok Island at Indonesia - kuta beach novotel

4. Kuta Beach

Not just for those that have Kuta Beach, Lombok else has. likewise as Kuta Beach in island, Kuta Beach in Lombok additionally includes a terribly stunning natural scenery. Clean white sand beaches and crystal clear ocean water build this beach should to go to.

Beautiful Lombok Island at Indonesia -kuta beach

In addition, the beach is additionally famed for its Nyale Odor ceremony. that’s to seem for worms nyale ceremony on the beach. per legend, these worms area unit the incarnation of the Princess’s hair Mandalika that plunged into the ocean as a result of they’ll not opt for one among the numerous princes who wished to provoke her hand. This Nyale smell ceremony conducted once a year.

5. Tangsi Beach (Beach Pink)

Many don’t seem to be at home with the name of the beach this one. it’s the situation of the beach may be a very little hidden, it might still few folks that understand. The beach is found within the village Tangsi Sekaroh, District Jerowaru, East Lombok.

Beautiful Lombok Island at Indonesia - pink beach

As the name implies Tangsi beach or beach sand beaches Pink has pink . Actually, white sand beaches, however as a result of it’s mixed with fragments of coral pink, eventually pink sand beaches particularly if exposed to ocean water and exposure to daylight, the colour pink is additional evident. It’s so romantic beach for honeymoon.

6. Sade Village

Beautiful Lombok Island at Indonesia - sade village

This village by the native commercial enterprise workplace used as a holidaymaker village as a result of it’s its own individualism.  Sade village situated within the district Pujut, Central Lombok. though the electricity had gone into the village, however the village continues to be presenting the first village atmosphere of ” kampoeng ” ( original village ) and Sasak Lombok had stay there as occupants.

Beautiful Lombok Island at Indonesia - tenun

There, tourists will see the homes that area unit still terribly easy and ancient. The roof of the fibers, horses mistreatment bamboo while not nailed roof, walls of woven bamboo and straight made-up ground. during this village, tourists should purchase handicrafts typical Lombok as accessories and materials.

7. Mount Rinjani Parkland

For the character lovers and hikers, Rinjani is one amongst the foremost stunning mountain in Indonesia, even the foremost stunning. With scenic pasture on the method, likewise as Segara Anak lake on the mountain, creating Rinjani invariably thronged climbed naturally lovers and tourists abroad.

Beautiful Lombok Island at Indonesia - gunung rinjani
For those of you who have physical mediocre, you’ll be able to rent a porter at identical time ascent instrumentality if you would like to relish the sweetness of Mount Rinjani with associate altitude of 3726 meters higher than water level.

Well welcome to Lombok Island at Indonesia  , feel the warm journey here with your spouse , friend or family . Once you go here , you will be missed come again and again.


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