Kakaban Island Kalimantan Indonesia – The Best Jellyfish at Lake of  Kakaban

The most famous of  Kakaban Island Kalimantan is the beauty of Kakaban Lake with their Jellyfish . Kakaban island Kalimantan has an area 774,2 hectares and it was situated in Derawan Islands Subdistrict, Derawan, Berau Regency, East Kalimantan. 

Kakaban Island Kalimantan attract tourists abroad with some o fits uniqueness, one of which is the island’s Lakes are Lake Kakaban. Who at the Lake is filled by a mixture of rai n water and see page of sea water from the pores of the soil and create different endemic habitats on most other Lake District in the world, but there’s one more Kakaban Lake Lake with brackish water, namely in the Palau Islands, Micronesia.

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Lake Kakaban, sea water is trapped on Kakaban Island Kalimantan, coupled with water from the ground and rain water since 2 million years ago. The Lake is a prehistoric Lake that Sangalaki times in between Holosin. The vastness of approximately 5 km², walled50-metre-high cliff, resulting in sea water could no longer caughtout, into the Lake. Administratively, the Lake area include SangalakiBerau, East Kalimantan. In the world, a place like this is only foundon the Islands of Palau, Micronesia in the South Pacific Ocean. Kakaban Island Kalimantan thus is the only island in Indonesia, which has a Lake at its Center

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Kakaban Island Kalimantan, one of the Derawan Islands cluster was nominated as a world heritage area. For those of you interested in the nautical tourism, the area that has an area 774,2 hectares  population and diversity of jellyfish are most abundant in the world, namely the four unique species of jellyfish that do not sting. The island is surrounded by high cliffs, West of the outer banks are drinks wide lowland meters which consists of rocks. From the plain of coral that can be docked, of course with the bathing suit and swim snorkeling equipment toward the Mainland.

Some parts of mainland rocks are still covered with shallow sea water about 30 cm. in the puddles were a bunch of small fish the size of a tiny bright green surrounding coral. At the foot of the cliff there is a wooden staircase uphill and then downhill is 120 metres, lead you into the lake behind the Hill. This ladder is made of meranti wood right and on the left the staircase looks lushmangroves (Rhizophora) interspersed with tropical trees of othergenera of the towering form of mangrove forests, such as tanjang(Bruguiera), apiapi (Avicennia), and sonneratia (Sonneratia).

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Kakaban Island Kalimantan is Ranks Third Top Dive Destination as The WORLD STANDARD


It ranks third among the top dive destination as the world standard and make it as a dream island for divers. Kakaban Island Kalimantan these tourists can do a variety of activities such as Diving, you can see various types of fish such as shark, Dugong dugong, barracuda or fish, green turtles and so on, swimming, Snorkeling, fishing, walks along the coast of Island, Observes green turtles, enjoy a culinary tour with a variety of food options, shopping for a variety of souvenir made from seafood.

Live with the Beautiful Jellyfish at Kakaban Lake


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Kakaban Island Kalimantan to head for these travelers can head derawan before hand and then aboard the boat for 45 minutes to this island of  Kakaban. The most impressive when Kakaban Island, is when we take a dip in the tranquil lake with thousands of jellyfish j. It feels like a dream can hold so many jellyfish , play with them without any interference from other marine animals.

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Jellyfish  on Kakaban island Kalimantan  is one of the most beautiful in the world. Imagine when you snorkel beside your left right off the beautiful jellyfish and continue to follow wherever you go, very charming, seemed to be living in the world jellyfish .

In the Lake is still not too crowded by local tourists from Indonesia, the majority are foreigners, so we’re still very freely controlling the Lake until satisfied. It feels heavy to leave the beautiful jellyfish in Kakaban Lake. The Lake beautiful inside and out is indeed Kakaban, it’s always want to come back again there to play with  my cute  jellyfish again and again.

Welcome to Indonesian Paradise … I Love Indonesia


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