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enter site Tourist village situated in Sendang Brajan Arum, Elephant, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Although Brajan approach is that a small village, but the community has had not only in Indonesia but has to penetrate the international market. Works typical of the village it is bamboo handicrafts Brajan.

doxycycline price without insurance bamboo handirafts brajan 5 Brajan tourist village is a village known as bamboo handicraft village is located in the village of Sendang Agung, step aside, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta special region, 20 Km West of the city center. Bamboo handicrafts is what brings the village Brajan became more developed until recently recognized as a tourist village. Tourists can pay a visit to study the works of bamboo at the same time be able to buy an ornament or craft of bamboo materials in Brajan.

where to buy zithromax 500mg bamboo handirafts brajan 2 THE TOURIST POTENTIAL OF BAMBOO HANDICRAFTS VILLAGE BRAJAN.

price for flagyl 200mg Brajan is a tourist village craft that has been registered since 2002. by visiting the tourist village brajan, you will get the experience of weaving bamboo directly together craftsmen, shopping in the show room bamboo handicrafts with a very affordable price, view the demo of bamboo handicrafts and many more things related to the manufacture of bamboo handicrafts that you won’t find in the village. bamboo handirafts brajan 3

go site Brajan is known as village crafts bamboo because 98 percent of the inhabitants are of local bamboo. The name Brajan itself is taken from the name of Kyai Braja Setiko, a hermit who taught handicrafts woven from bamboo for ceremonial purposes. When Kyai Braja died, the village was named Brajan. At that time, maypritas the locals company are farmers. On the spare many that made kitchen utensils of bamboo matting, besek, wakul and pincuk.

strong infection antibiotics BRAJAN HAMLET BECOMES THE CENTER OF THE FAMOUS BAMBOO HANDICRAFTS. bamboo handirafts brajan 4 - Copy

buy tetracycline in Bristol UK Brajan village began to grow so bamboo handicraft Center since 1991. First product produced only 4 types of bamboo handicrafts form Lampshade, place paper towels, place the fruit and place a newspaper. Along with the development of the bamboo handicrafts experience diversified era until now has generated more than 110 types of bamboo handicrafts. Among them are paper towels, fan, frame, besek hantaran, hood, basket of rice, food, baskets of clothes. Price offered for issues including affordable with price range from Rp 2,000 to Rp 200,000 depending on type of product.

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Bamboo handicrafts is what brings the village Brajan became more developed and currently recognized as tourism village. Tourists can pay a visit to study the works of craft, bamboo can buy ornaments and crafts from the typical village of Brajan bamboo.

Visitors can see the process of making bamboo handicrafts. Want to learn bamboo handicrafts, tourism village Brajan provides instructors who are experts in the field of woven bamboo. BRAJAN VILLAGE WAS NAMED VILLAGE OF BAMBOO HANDICRAFTS

In 2006, the Tourism Office of Sleman began declaring Brajan as rural tourism. Brajan has been known as village crafts that can be developed and has a potential tourist attraction. In 2011, stand up to the magnificent arch as Brajan tourist village entrance. Officially ordained Brajan become tourism village. Brajan tourist village has a uniqueness that is learning about the existence of bamboo handicrafts.

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In addition to the craft of bamboo, tourist village Brajan also has art become tourism potential. These arts include Kuntulan (Islamic religious art), Ware, Kerawitan, Cokekan and Shalawatan. And also the natural beauty of unspoiled countryside and the hospitality of its people would be its own experience for travelers.


A superb natural landscape in the village of Brajan, became one of the tourist attractions of its own that is not forgotten by travelers who’ve been to brajan. the vast rice fields, as well as a row of hills that are visible from a distance will accompany you when doing activities that are offered by tourist attractions such as brajan package wiwitan, planting rice and fish.

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With a stay at Brajan tourists are invited to enjoy the comfort and ambience of exoticism that is natural in the countryside. Access to the site is also easy because the road can be accessed easily with a two-wheeled or four wheel. As the initial trip from Tugu, West, Run into the street, into the majors Kalibawang. 200 m before the terminal pingitan, found its way into the North, go to the street. Up to dipertigaan (approximately 500 metres away) and then turn right. Follow the road or approximately 2 km. doesn’t have to worry about getting lost along the way because there is an unmarked to Brajan tourism village.

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