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The Best Handicraft of Indonesia – BALI Wood Carving

Bali is famous for its handicraft Center sculpture, the famous sculptor experts in Indonesia mostly domiciled in Bali. The sculpture sculpture craftsmen artists of Bali does not need to doubt. Their works have been acclaimed throughout the world, the art of sculpture in BALI are already enjoyed by the sculptural art lovers around the world. Average statue sculptor artists dedicate their lives completely with work makes up an international sculpture statue.


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The main ingredient in the making of sculpture in wooddomination by the type of wood used as a base material is determining the quantity price sculpture. Every day is very much export-demand sculpture to the other countries.

Bali has a sculptural art craft that can not be considered one eye only, the art of carving handicrafts grow and develop properly, let alone by a factor of rising societal demands, one of which is sought after is the art of carving wood, nearly every village and region of Bali handicrafts have results, but which has become an icon or name of the sculpture is the Gianyar Regency , famous for its high quality sculpture.

Artistic Ornament of BALI Wood Carving


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The use of ornaments of buildings with traditional sculpture, crafts are reserved as ornament place of residence, or family shrine were pretending to develop very well and getting creative and innovative only, the use of such ornaments never fission by the transition times are always changing. One of the villages became a craftsman wooden statue of was the village of Mas, this place became a tourist attraction of interest by tourists and become a place of alternative tour visits during the trip to Kintamani line.

Gianyar is the center of the art shop BALI Wood Carving

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The work of this statue is on display at the art-shop located along jalan Desa Mas. For carving wood sculptures in Bali which is famous for is the village of Mas, Kec. Ubud, Gianyar. Located about 20 km from Denpasar, if you travel tour or rent a car, past the monumental statues of the baby at the t-junction village Sakah and straight to the North. A row of results of sculpture statue is visible on the left side of the art shops and right of way.

The hallmark of the work of the maestro in this village of naturalism with humanism. May the blood of art from the era of kingdoms at the time Prince Masruled here, flows to the villagers, so most villagers travel Mas as craftsmen carving wooden statues. The famous maestro who was born here is; IDA bagus Nyana, Ida bagus Togog Spring and I Nyoman.

Balinese sculptors working on his masterpiece.

The materials used come from the wood that is flourishing on the island, however there are some imported from outside Bali, the result already penetrated into the international market, exported to European countries, so that the village of Mas as crafts carving wooden statues of the famous course. Price options price depends from the craft, be it viewed from the value of the raw material used and the resulting artistic value.

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For the purposes of souveniers are offered at bargain prices and there are new to drain the contents of the bag. Indeed this village as center statue and trade craftsmen in Bali, various art shops is here, you can find the sculptor and see how the process worked on. If you squeeze for art lovers in the journey tour to sights of the village of Mas.

Make sure you go home with the typical wooden sculpture by Bali as the most beautiful memories while vacationing on the island of BALI.

Welcome to Indonesian Paradise .. I Love Indonesia


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