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Location of Tanjung Benoa is located on the eastern tip of the island of bali which is about 11-14 km from Ngurah Rai International Airport. To reach the beach of Tanjung Benoa, just for advice if they don’t want to bother hiring enough taxis, worked at the service of the tour that can be retrieved either at an Inn or at the airport. Many services offer tour visit to Tanjung Benoa Beach, and also have to carefully select the service tour.
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During your vacation to Bali , you can getting a tour of the services of a taxi driver,  this is Bali tours packages ~ not only offered the services of tourist  only, but drivertaxi driver in Bali also offers many services for full day tour around the island of gods. To rent a taxi full day there is no benchmark price that is specific, then the necessary expertise of haggling to get the price right. The price range that I can give: about Idr 200.000,-to Rp 500,000 per day to hire a taxi.  One more thing is usually a matter of hours to rent a taxi instead of 24 hours instead of 12 hours, so when passing from 12 hours must pay the appropriate meter taxi. But the tour service that you got from a taxi driver the chance for 24 hours .


Tanjung Benoa is one of the tourist spots in Bali that offer diverse water tour “water sport”. Packages are offered for water sports ranging from Rp 80,000,-until Rp2.850.000,-depending on the type of water sport selected. Other types of water sportson offer include Banana boat, para sailing, Snorkeling, water skiing, jet skiing, flying fish, dolphin tours, Nusa Dua diving, etc.. In addition towater sports, the package also offered visits to Turtle Island for 1 hour for Rp200.000,-per person. Distance from the beach of Tanjung Benoa to Turtle Island approximately 15-20 minutes travel by using boats.

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 On the ship we could enjoy the beauty under the sea that can be seen through the Bottom Glass. Coral reefs, small fishes, even we can also see sharks when lucky (grin).Because of the beauty of the sea while heading to Turtle Island that is so wonderful, then missed time during the trip on the ship being really does not feel. Upon arrival at Turtle Island, the ship cannot approach the shore, due to the condition of the water depth of the sea is very shallow, so from that we should be a little walk down the sea water at eye level walk to go to Turtle Island, oh yes my suggestions should be careful foot on shore Turtle Island, because many marine animals “strange”


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To see the turtlesturtles on the island we have to go through a gate topped with the words of greeting “welcome to turtle farm” which struck me as rather odd language (straight face). At Turtle Island we will be accompanied by a local resident who will beour tour guide for the area around the turtle farm. The existing tour guide at  Bali Turtle Island are already highly trained, both in terms of service very friendly tour guide and skills in a variety of languages. It can not be denied because of the tourists who arrive not only from indonesian, but foreign countries such as korea, Japan, America, china, india, etc. I am a little “wow” also saw the tour guide who is well versed in a variety of languages .

Bali Turtle Island is the breeding of turtles in the area of Tanjung Benoa. Turtles are protected and quarrel there are several types such as green turtles, turtles,hawks bills fission, and flat back. Long story short, in the 1990s the population of turtles in Bali experienced a down turn, it is triggered by the Balinese people who love to capture the turtles for their flesh eaten then the turtle meat was said to have a delicious flavor, besides turtles also serve as animal sacrifice at the time of the ritual in the temple. Thus the Government of Bali is trying to protect the turtlesturtle from extinction and then issued a ban to catch turtles without permission and then forming some captive turtles in Bali, Tanjung Benoa is one of them. Place the captive was then made as one of the attractions in Bali that quite a lot of interest for tourists to visit the Turtle Island.

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In captivity we can see turtles ranging from size small to most (approximately 150 kg).We also allowed the turtles turtles raised and take pictures with the turtle. but it is not permitted to hold or lift the turtles still nifty little. The cute turtle are waiting for you.

Welcome to Indonesian Paradise. I love Indonesia


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