Bali tourist fun activity is Bali Camel Safari  that gives you a new color in the tour with combing Nusa Dua Beach over the backs of a camel that is typical of the Arab star.

Discover tourism activity that is full of thrill and will give new experience for you, with Bali Camel Safari tour in Bali, we present a fun and not boring, with Camel back riding we will be brought combing Nusa Dua Beach with sweeping views of the serve rumble interfere the waves  add to enjoy your tour with Bali Camel Safari.

Bali Camel – The only Tour Ride Camels in Nusa Dua


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Located in the Centre of the resort of Nusa Dua Beach in Sawangan located near Nikko Bali Hotel, approximately 10 minutes by driving the car. Camel is indeed deliberately  imported from abroad to clear our curiosity about the camel. Camel ride attractions in Nusa Dua, we call these Bali with Camel Safari’s. While riding a camel ride 1 camel both, we can enjoy the beauty of the southern coast of the island of Bali which is famous for its white sand and coral Karst.

Ride a camel tour Bali  known as Bali Camel Safari offers a unique experience, roving browse Nusa Dua Beach with camels for 1 hour. While enjoying views of the white sandy beach of Nusa Dua, the wind blowing downstream as well as views of the cliffs. Camel handler will always deliver while helping to get the photo. Please pose with animals in from desert of Australia.

Bali Camel Safari very popular also for couples who will be doing the messing about. Catch the moment of sweetness with a long-necked beasts. For pre wedding, 2 camels will be used, so that the camel followed the direction of choreographers as requested by photographer. Definitely exciting , if messing about with the camels. We have served hundreds of couples who did the messing about with camel

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Feel like a superstar in Arabic

Discover a different experience when spending your holiday in Bali with Camel Safari, Camel Safari or adventure on the coast of Nusa Dua peninsula above the backs of camels

Stylish safari experience with riding a horse or an elephant may have you ever did before either while on holiday in Bali as well as in other places. But have you ever felt the thrill of a tub of nomads in the Sahara desert by camel riding along the coast of Nusa Dua Bali ‘s beautiful where in fact there is only a camel in the desert? Will certainly be a very memorable moment if this activity is not able to follow? Our provider shared your dreams become nomads in the Sahara desert will become real.

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The program Safari on camels or commonly called the Bali Camel Safari is not the adventure tourism recently in Bali, just that not many know about Adventure tours on this one. Some national TV-also many who publish this activity through their holiday programs, and this became one of the popularity-lift adventure tourism the camel safarias one of alternative activities for holidays in Bali

Bali Camel Safari Located at Nusa Dua Bali.

Located on the beach of Nusa Dua white sandy by the sea, a provider already operations since the year 96 will take you along the beautiful coastline of animals riding on camels unaccompanied wind Beach rumble interfere full cradle. Experience following the camel safari will become even more complete if you capture the smile you shared your camel mounts.

The activity of this tourist attracted the attention of many tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists,because it is able to provide different colors on the experience tour in Bali.  . If you do not forget to follow the excitement of the camel safari in Nusa Dua Bali and feel the sensations as the Arab background with beautiful beaches. Increasingly more and more visitors, particularly from foreign tourists who do not want to miss this camel safari. Enjoy the Camel Safari in Bali.

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Tour memories definitely guaranteed with Bali Camel Safari becomes a unique experience, funny and memorable you and your family. It’s true

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