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Enjoy the weekend with the holidays to destinations is a dream for every citizen who wanted to relinquish his tired because of the piles of paper. Is visit attractions Malino Highland Kecamatan Tinggimoncong, Kabupaten Gowa, In South Sulawesi. Malino, who at an altitude of 1000 mdpl was already legendary attractions since the colonial era up to the Netherlands. Body piercing the cold atmosphere of the main attraction for tourists both local and foreign tourists.

The Location Of Malino Higlands

Malino Highland is 90 kilometres from the city of Makassar or is about 2 hours drive away. In fact, the this area popularized by colonial Netherlands as resting place. Although previously the nobles The Kingdom of Gowa also have long used area as a place of rest. A trip to this area offers view.

Awesome malino highlands Sulawesi Indonesia4

Past Sungguminasa, the capital of the District of Gowa we will become a wonderful Reservoir of Bilibi which is the main supplier of water for farmers all over the farmers in the District Takalarand Gowa Regency. Past Reservoir Bilibi tourists will be presented the towering the mountains. Jeneberang River access roads the the longest river in Sulawesi give sufficient attraction. Cornering with the abyss on the right road very trigger adrenalin visitors.

Malino Highland Sulawesi became The Landmark of The World

Malino Highlands is about 1500 meters above sea level, and is claimed to be the grandest tourist areas in South Sulawesi and has been noted became the landmark of the world. On top of the hills an area of 200 hectares, the expanse of green tea plantation and lush. The cold mist shrouded the faithful always accompany the visitor, it is a very special place that deserves your visit.

Café with Japan-style architecture in Malino Highlands Sulawesi

In the middle of a tea plantation, there is a cafe that also has been specially designed with a futuristic architecture. All the amenities of an exclusive and stylish paced Japan, even the waitresses who will served you, also uses costumes like Sakura. Well, as if we were in the State of Japan.

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Place it, visitors can enjoy a special menu in the form of healthy tea drinks nutritious high and guaranteed you will not found elsewhere. Well to enjoy the special menu there is no other choice, except to visit this place, because the product is directly exported to Japan. Yes, it’s versatile, no matter his seed Japan imported directly from the country of Sakura.

Not only that, the place, you can also do activities such as cycling, cross country running , bungee jumping , kite-flying festival, enjoy waterfall as well as looking at space objects with binoculars who has been prepared. Well, for the hobby camping , then this area is perfect for you because of the location of the automatic road hills, up and down and winding. It will be fantastic  for the adventurous.

The Way to Find Malino Highlands Sulawesi

To reach the area, from the direction of Makassar city towards Malino, you need only travel approximately 2.5 hours duration. As long as both sides of the road along the way, in you will be presented the charm of nature that is so beautiful, ranging from the structure of the road uphill and winding, a stretch of rice paddies, streams, dams Bili-bili, and is no less beautiful is the stretch of green mountain.

Awesome malino highlands Sulawesi Indonesia5

Not only that, before arriving at Malino, you will also find waff pine which is equipped with various types of birds chirp rhythms. Sure, your trip will not be felt until the place of destination.

Well, after approaching the area of Malino, the cool air began to be felt, so you no need to turn on the air conditioner of the car. Because the cold air the lowliest pure from nature, would create better breathing, as if clearing your lungs from a variety of industrial pollution ever you breathe.

Great Waterfall at Takapala Malino Highland Sulawesi

Cool atmosphere starting to feel when in the village of of Pangngajian, which is 15 kilometres from Malino Highland Sulawesi. Pine forest and the ranks of vila is first view after entering the welcome the gate. After arriving at the visitors presented a few choice tourist destination. One is the Takapala waterfall in the village of Bulutana which is 4 kilometers of the capital of the sub district. That is cool air it seems missing when bottom thousands of ladder to location the plunge.

Awesome malino highlands Sulawesi Indonesia6

Takapala, so the name of the falls as high as 109 meters. In Makassar, means not bold. If this location, visitors looks to forget the time and refuse to go. The roar water the more add feel the nature region. To sign in to this attractions, visitors need only  about Rp 3,000 per person.

In addition to the Takapala, about 50 yards from a waterfall, the visitor scan also enjoy a workout in the waterfall times partners. In this space, visitors free to enjoy the chill water. Dozens of local merchants peddle the assortment food that is capable of warm body, such as typical drinks Makassar-based ginger i.e.Sarabba.

Awesome malino highlands Sulawesi Indonesia3After indulge in the waterfall, the other attractions await, as pine forests and expanses of tea garden. Previously for pine forest, generally take the citizens of the self for traditional markets the Malino provides a variety of local products and culinary fruits like passion fruit, apples and avocado. Distance for pine forests and the market only 1 kilometers. In this forest, Horseback riding Adventure available. For all Mount, visitors need only pay about Rp 3,000. “only three thousand and is guided up unwilling where important don’t Enter the abyss,” said Daeng Mangung, one of the guides the horse while laughing with great familiarity.

Generally, in this place of rolling out mats and eat a meal with your family under the dark pine forest. Welcome to Indonesia Paradise


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