Indonesia is a country rich in diversity and rich nation that some are still primitive. Asmat tribe is one of these primitive tribes found in the land of Papua (Irian Jaya). The uniqueness of the area and its rich cultural values to invite scientists in foreign countries to conduct intensive research. In Indonesia, in the eastern part of New Guinea, there is a tribe of  results sculptures are unique and well known in other parts of Indonesia, including parts of Earth outside of Indonesia.

Asmat tribe population numbers ranged from 70,000 people is divided into two large populations, namely their  lived inland and their stayed at the coast. A way of life, rituals, customs, social systems, and the two dialects of this population is very different. Asmat  tribe lived in the area of coastline divided into tribes and tribal Bisman Simai.


Asmat name comes from the words of Asmat “As Agreed”, which according to the Asmat people means “the right people”. In addition, there is also a saying that Asmat comes from the word Osamat which means “the man from the tree”. But the reply according to Asmat tribe, that of neighboring tribes of Mimika, Asmat’s name is derived from the words for their tribe “manue”, which means “man Eater”.

Get To Know The Culture Of The Asmat Tribe Carve

Asmat tribe is a tribe in New Guinea. Asmat tribe known for woodcuts unique. Asmat tribe is divided into two populations, namely their lived on the coast and their  stayed at the outback. Both these populations of mutual living with each other in terms of a way of life, social and ritual sturcture. Further coastal population is divided into two parts namely bisman  tribe located between the river sinesty and the river and the nin simai.


A village filled up souls 2000 approximately 35 inhabitants. They lived in a house servant and a family home. The house servant wear ceremonial activities create or religious ceremonies. As for the family, the house was inhabited by several families and used for daily activities.

Asmat people good at making ornate carvings. Amazingly, they made carving without a sketch first. They must to have the meaning for their carvings, namely offering and a thank you to the ancestors. Asmat tribe, to carve out a regular job instead. Carving is a way for they make related to its ancestors.

ASMAT TRIBE PAPUA THE FAMOUS PRIMITIVE CULTURE IN INDONESIA Carving the statue of Asmat tribes related to their belief. The carving is their liaison  is currently still with biological ancestor. They presented the spirits of the ancestors into the carvings on wooden pillars, the shield, or boat. The famous statue of and  is considered the most sacred is the statue of Bis (bioskokombi). Today, the manufacture of statues and other carvings to the Asmat not only sacred worth, but worth saving, too. This statue is much sought after by collectors, both domestic and from abroad.

ASMAT TRIBE PAPUA THE FAMOUS PRIMITIVE CULTURE IN INDONESIA Asmat tribe culture for carving can be a liaison between the modern life with the life of their ancestors. in each engraving containing the description and recognition of their ancestors  laden with oversized Asmat tribe.

Sculptures and carvings are generally those for without a sketch.  It’s possible because they know the three concepts of the world, namely Very ow capinmi (natural life now), Dampu ow campinmi (nature spirit pesinggahan nan had died), and Safar (heaven). But now make statues for the Asmat tribe culture not only meets the call of tradition. Because the results of the engraving is also selling them to foreigners at a time when party carving. they know the results of high-valued hand carved between Rp. 100 thousand to millions of dollars outside Papua.


Asmat Tribe History

Asmat tribe believed that they descended from the God Fumeripitsy who descend from the unseen world that is across the sea behind the horizon, where the sun set each day. According to their beliefs, the God of the Patriarchs was first landed on Earth somewhere deep in the mountains. On his way down to the downstream until he arrives at what is now inhabited by the Asmat downstream, he encountered many adventures.

In the mythology of the Asmat people dwelling in the Bay of Flaminggo for example, it was the deity of the name was Fumeripitsy. As he walked from the upstream of towards the sea, he was attacked by a giant crocodile. The mortar boat is sinking. So he finally fights that can kill the alligator, but he himself injured. He was then carried by currents and stranded on the banks of the river Asewetsy, the village of Syuru now. Fortunately there is a bird of Flamingo that took care of him until he recovered again; then he built the House yew and carve two statues are very beautiful as well as making a drum, a very powerful sound.


After she finished, she started dancing continuously without stopping, and the power of the Galaxy out of her movements that give life on both the diukirnya statue. Shortly thereafter the statues begin to move and dance, and they later became the first human couple, namely the Asmat people’s ancestors.

The Uniqueness Of The Asmat Tribe Living Patterns

One thing that ought to be emulated from indigenous tribes living pattern of the Asmat, they felt he was a part of nature, therefore they are very respectful and keep the surrounding nature, in fact, the trees surrounding the place of their life is considered to be a picture of himself. Tree trunk describes hands, head, and describes the fruit root describes their feet

ASMAT TRIBE PAPUA THE FAMOUS PRIMITIVE CULTURE IN INDONESIA Asmat tribal land, the tribe and the tribe of citak mitak making a living by hunting forest animals such as snakes, cassowary, wild boar etc. They also always use sago as a staple food and fishing namely looking for fish and shrimp to eat. The other is the penchant for eating sago grubs that live dibatang sago, sago grubs are usually wrapped in a palm leaf, sprinkled with sago, and burned it in the coals. Besides vegetables and grilled fish are made as a complement. But they are very difficult to get clean water because their area is marshy soil. So using rainwater and swamp water as clean water for daily needs.

ASMAT TRIBE PAPUA THE FAMOUS PRIMITIVE CULTURE IN INDONESIA Asmat Tribe lives has not been much affected by modern life. One example is the custom of adorning. They are decorated in accordance with their own way. They expunge an unlimited face with different colors. Those colors they get with a very simple way. In the Asmat tribe requires cosmetic tanah merah to produce red, white color they make it from an already crushed shells and black warnah they produce from wood charcoal is crushed. They use it by mixing the ingredients with a little water to use for the coloring of the body. The dominant colors are often used for adorning is red, white, and black.

A strange cultural Cannibalism on the Asmat Tribe.

Asmat Tribe in public life, there are still many very strange habits. One of them, their habits are so terrible and difficult accepted common sense, i.e. as they kill enemies. They still use the ways in prehistoric times. Once the enemy is killed, the bodies were brought back to the village. In the village, the dismembered corpse, and then divided into the rest of the population. The population was gathered and ate pieces of the corpse together.

ASMAT TRIBE PAPUA THE FAMOUS PRIMITIVE CULTURE IN INDONESIA When eating the corpse together, the villagers sing the songs that they call with death. Not quite got there, they cut off the head of the corpse. Brain dead body was taken, then wrapped with leaves of sago. After that, the brain is baked to eat together. However, the current culture of cannibalism have started to be abandoned.

Customs Typical Of Asmat Tribe

ASMAT TRIBE PAPUA THE FAMOUS PRIMITIVE CULTURE IN INDONESIA Other tribes such as the Asmat tribe also has its own distinctive customs, such as:

  • The birth of

At the moment there is birth, there is no special things like other tribes in General. Newborns are only cleaned and then cut her belly button with bamboo rope called sembilu.

  • Wedding

In the wedding ceremony, the ritual is done very simply. Asmat tribe a man who wants to marry a woman should “buy it” by offering a dowry in the form of antique dishes and money whose value is equated with boat Johnson. This boat is usually used for the sea. If a man gives a dowry that is less than the price of the ship Johnson, so he still may be married, only to have to still pay the remaining debt of the dowry.

  • Death

Asmat tribe of indigenous rituals of death can so will make most people shudder if the deceased is the head of the tribe. The dead body of Chiefs will be mummified and displayed in front of custom homes. But if commoners who died will be buried as normal. Death rituals accompanied by weeping and chanting in Asmat. In the past, one of the family members of those who died will be deducted one segment of their toes. But these habits have started to be abandoned.

  • System of Government

Asmat tribe has a tribal chief and head of the customs of the highly respected. Will all the duties of the Chief must comply with the agreement of the community, so that the relationship between the heads of the tribes with the community quite harmonious. If the chieftain died, then ceded leadership on other family clan is respected by the citizens. The leadership could also be handed over to a person who managed to get the victory in the war.

  • Battle

Asmat tribe wearing weapons in the form of a bow and arrow. In the past there was an agreement that the enemy is dead will be brought to your hometown by winning the war and then his body will be cut and eaten together. His head will be used as a decoration. Asmat tribe believe that their strength will increase if the flesh of the enemy. But this time the practice no longer exists.

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