Angklung Traditional Music Indonesia

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Angklung Traditional Music – The Sensational Music from Bamboo Indonesia


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Angklung is a musical instrument played by means of bamboo rattles. The resulting sound is the effect of the collision of the bamboo tubes that make up the instrument. These instruments are classified into types of idio phones or music source sound comes from the material base. Angklung is commonly known is derived from the region of West Java. Since November 2010, UNESCO declared it as one of the world‘s cultural heritage, with the category of Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

The Etymology of Angklung Traditional Music Indonesia

The angklung Sundanese Language supposedly derives from (angkleungangkleungan), which describes the motion of the body the Angklung players swinging along the rhythm is tunedHowever, there are also convinced the angklung is derived from the sound of the instrument, the angklung klung bamboo cultureWhile others cited one theory, the word “angklung” comes from the Balinese language, i.e., numbers and lung. Numbers mean tone, whereas lung means broken, or in other words, meaningful tone angklung is not complete.

History Of Angklung Traditional Music Indonesia


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According to Dr. Groneman, Angklung has existed in the land of the archipelago, even before the era of Hinduism. According to Jaap Kunst in his book Music in Java, also in West Java, Angklung  can also be found in the area of South Sumatra and Kalimantan.Beyond that, the people of Lampung, East Java and Central Java also know the instrument.
In the era of Hinduism, in the era of Sunda Kingdom, Angklung became an important instrument in various celebrations, especially regarding ritus farmcropping, especially rice. In an environment of Sunda Kingdom, recorded since the 7th century, Angklung is performed as a form of worship of the Goddess (Goddess of rice/goddess of fertility), that he may bestow a blessed over the plant and the life of the community.
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Not only as a medium of worship of the gods, in the era of Sunda Kingdom, Angklung is a musical instrument that is played as the boosters spirit in the war, including the battle of Bubat, as told in the song of Sunda.
Today, the Angklung instrument is Angklung Gubrag oldest still-maintained. Angklung is made in the 17th century in Jasinga, Bogor. Other ancient angklung also could still be traced its existence there Baduga Museum at Sri, Bandung. Meanwhile, the tradition of the most old Angklung can be found in the environmental community Baduy (Baduy), precisely in the area of Lebak, Banten.
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In 1938, Daeng Soetigna, from Bandung, residents created the angklung with scale diatonic melodies. Angklung innovation Daeng Sutigna are different with angklung is generally based on the traditional scale pelog or slendro. Innovation is then made freely playable Angklung harmoniously together with Western instruments, could even be presented in the form of the Orchestra.

Angklung Traditional Music Indonesia Acknowledge as a WORLD HERITAGE by Unesco


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Since then, Angklung is increasingly reaping the popularity, until finally the United Nations, through UNESCO, on 18 November 2012, acknowledged him as a world heritage that should be preserved. After Daeng Soetigna, one of his pupils, Udjo Ngalagena, continued the efforts of The Teachers popularized his findings, the Angklung founded the Saung Angklung in the area of Bandung. To this day, the place became known as the Saung Angklung Udjo is still a centre of creativity with regard to Angklung

Types of Angklung Traditional Music Indonesia


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Angklung Baduy

Angklung Baduy is Angklung, played by people Baduy (Baduy), in the area of Banten. As mentioned previously, the tradition of Angklung in society this is ancient, the Baduy and remains preserved as a function of their ancestors, that epitomized accompany Rite farmcropping (padi).
Baduy society, which were divided into two groups, namely the groups are applied to the outside (Kajeroan) and applied to those groups (out of Kaluaran), which is entitled to make the Angklung was only applied to thosecitizens Jero, the not all people, but only those who weredescendants of the makers of Angklung. Meanwhile, the outsideBaduy people don’t make enough to buy it, but rather theAngklung of residents applied to Jero. Names of Angklung in the biggest of the Baduy are: indung, ringkung, of, gunjing, engklok,torolok indung leutik,and roel.
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Angklung Dogdog Lojor

The arts in environmental Lojor Dogdog society Kasepuhan PancerPangawinan. The term Dogdog Lojor himself, in fact, taken from the name of one of the instruments in this tradition, namely Dogdog Lojor. Nevertheless, Angklung also earned a no less important portions here, particularly in its traditional function as a counterpoint to the farmplanting.
Up to now the music Angklung is also still one of the subjects in school, and became an official event at the spectacular performances of the Union in Indonesia, and is often invited to the event in the cultural exchanges abroad.
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