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The History of Ambarawa Railway Museum Indonesia  -Central Java 

Visiting the area in Central Java is identical with visits to temples.Alternative tourism activities in Central Java was able to enjoy the natural landscape of Central Java via train.

In Magelang, in Ambara, tourists can try to ride the Ambarawa steam train. This old train departing from the station of Ambarawato Bedono Station. Stations and a railway connecting it, as well as locomotives and carriages, the older products Netherlands colonial relic.

Since it is a steam train, the train is still using the fire woodUsually use teak wood or other marks that can produce heat. Can’t get any wood, because it was not generating enough heat, “says to the field of the promotion of tourism and Culture in Central Java, Trenggono, as found at MesaStila Resort, Losari,Magelang, Central Java, on Sunday (12/10/2014).

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It consists of a steam train locomotives numbered B serrated 2502 and two hopper. Germany-made locomotives were already aged 112 years. Old‘s for sure. So it’s no wonder when the 2012 Challenge Mesa Stila event, the steam train was stuck in the middle of the street while carrying media and sponsorship Mesa Stilla Challenge from Ambarawa to Bedono Station Station.

Mesa Stila Hotel Resort in the village of Losari &, Semarang, Central Java.


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MesaStila is a resort located in the village of Losari, KabupatenSemarang. As a resort, there are various activities that can be done inside or outside of the guests of the resort. One of the tour events outside of the resort‘s guests are invited aboard a steam train.

Every year since 2011, it held its inaugural race run called Mesa Stilla Challenge. Trail runners are divided into two categories namely 13 kilometers and 13 kilometers. What is unique is the participant ran over the railway line. Meanwhile, the locomotive also runs, as if the participants ran up to catch the train.

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 This year, did not enter the Ambarawa steam train path in Mesa Stilla Ultra Challenge 2014 which took place on October 12,2014. This is because the train was in the process of repair along with the Museum Boerhaave. According to the museum’s renovation, Trenggono expected to be completed by the end of this year, around December.

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Runners climb Mount Merbabu while following race run ultra Ultra Mesa Stila 60 k Challenge 2014 in Magelang, Central Java, on Sunday .Unmitigated this past four runners mount Merbabu,Andong, i.e. Telomoyo, and GilipetungThe Ambarawa station has indeed switch function into a Museum Locomotive. In this museum, steam railway is still a mainstay to attract tourists. Even if entry into the museum, there are many locomotives and a variety of other old collections that meet the station.

Rail tour packages


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Tours with steam train Ambarawa actually offered to tourists in two different routes, namely the Ambarawa station to Station Bedono stationAmbarawaTuntang Station. The first route which already exists since a long time and is a favorite of tourists is the route the Ambarawa Station to station Bedono Station, past the Guava.

In front of the locomotive to pull the train when I travel to theGuava. Upon arriving at the station of Guava, the locomotive was behind the act as the catalyst. Any toothed locomotives give an important role to the streets uphill to station Bedono. The journey from Ambarawa to Bedono Station Station around 9 kilometrestraveled for an hour.

There seemed to be a stakebamboo stake holding the heritage building. The station looked impressed, though the old feel of the typical architecture of the Netherlands still pretty attached to it. In it empty, there were benches on the platform train station are vitalization, but indeed the Middle done with professional so that the legacy of this railway maintained properly.

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Enjoy a sightseeing tour by train at the Ambarawa Railway Museum Indonesia caused a sensation the past history in 1945. The atmosphere around the route of the railway line passing through orchards, rice paddies and ancient buildings, very sensational for once. Really amazing to hear the voice of the ancient trainIt is also often used for photographs pre marriage for couples who are getting married and this location is often used forshooting the film by featuring an atmosphere of Indonesia in1945. Museums that ought to be preserved for posterity.

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