Carstensz Peak Pyramid Papua or The peak of Jayawijaya Papua already known as a place of phenomenal for mountaineers worldwide. Carstensz Peak Pyramid Papua  is famous for its other terms i.e.Carstensz Pyramid The Summit was also listed as one of the seven peaks of the continent (the Seven Summits) that are phenomenal and became the target of mountaineers in various parts of the world.

Carstensz Peak Pyramid Papua – The Most Expensive Mountain in The World

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Carstensz Peak Pyramid Papua or Puncak Jaya (Peak National Park)  is located in the Jayawijaya Laurentz, Papua. This peak blanketed by snow cover. Snow cover on top of the Jayawijaya is one of three desert snow in the tropics that are there in the world. In our country where the equator of this, witness the presence of snow in Indonesia is certainly something that is impossible to understand. Carstenz Peak Pyramid Papua (4884 mdpl) is one of the snowy peaks. The highest peak in Southeast Asia and the Pacific is located in the Sudirman mountains. This peak is famous not only because of his height, but also because there is a layer of snow on its peak.

If you think that in the tropics will not find the snow-blanketed mountains, you can revise the assumption after a visit to the top of the Jayawijaya mountains highest peak, Sudirman (Sudirman Range) in the province of Papua. Jayawijaya peak or shorter called Puncak Jaya, had reached a height of 4,884 + meters above sea level (a.s.l.), thus allowing the area blanketed by snow cover.

However, the snow cover was estimated would shrink, even dry up. In a number of studies concluded that the deposition of ice in the mountains this year by year experience serious shrinkage.

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The shrinking of snow in the mountains this Sudirman caused by global warming. So, it is not impossible in the future this will miss the snow mountains as happened on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Well, before an estimated it really became apparent, there is no harm in the lovers hiking tries conquering the highest peak in Indonesia.

The History of Carstensz Peak Pyramid Papua

In addition to the known with the name of the highest peak, Puncak Jaya is also known as Carstensz or Carstensz Peak Pyramid Papua. The name is taken from an adventurer from the land of the Netherlands, i.e. Jan Carstensz, who first saw the presence of snowy mountain peaks in the tropics, on the island of New Guinea. The observations done by Jan Carstensz via a ship in 1623. Because it has not been proven by direct observation, the report considered far-fetched.

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Because, for the people of Europe, discovering the mountainous snowy in the land of tropical is something almost impossible. The truth of the reports revealed the Carstensz after nearly three hundred years later, of an expedition in 1899 when the Netherlands made map of New Guinea and discovered the snow-blanketed peaks as reported by Carstensz. To honor the Carstensz, then the top of the mountain was later named after him.

While the term peak of Jayawijaya is granting President Sukarno after successfully find their sovereignty of Western New Guinea from the Netherlands. The name meaning “the peak of victory”, as an expression of gratitude over the unity of the West Papua with Indonesia Republic unitary State.

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The first recorded climbers ever conquer the Puncak Jaya is a team expedition led by Heinrich Harrer in 1962. Heinrich Harrer was a hand-picked a seasoned climber and author. His famous book, Seven Years in Tibet, is the true story of adventure and friendship in the Himalayan mountains, Tibet. Before Harrer, actually has a lot of other climbers who try to do the climb, but there has never been a successful. After Heinrich Harrer, following the expedition of Indonesia made it to the top.

Summit Carstensz Pyramid Jayawijaya Papua at the mountain, have interesting story. The name is taken from its discoverer apparently Carstensz i.e. a sailor Netherlands origin, John Carstensz who witnessed the presence of mountain peaks covered by ice. John Carstensz was the first European to witness the culmination of her head with the eye’s own Carstensz.

amazing carstensz peak pyramid papua for mounteneers 7People might call Puncak Jaya Indonesia, although Puncak Jaya is not the highest peak of the Carstensz itself. Puncak Jaya is one of the highest peak of which is considered there in the Jaya Wijaya. There are some differences of opinion regarding the height of the Summit Carstensz Pyramid. Australian water navigational maps state that height is 16503 feet (5,030 meters), that certainly this Carstensz Peak Pyramid Papua is the highest peak in Indonesia even in Australia and Oceania.

Puncak Jaya (Carstensz Pyramid, 4884 m, 16023 ft), Puncak Mandala (4640m, 15223 ft), Puncak Trikora and (4730m, 15642 ft) are the three main peaks of the famous her mountains of West Papua.

Carstensz Pyramid is the highest Summit, the third such Summit is located in the western part of the Jayawijaya mountains. Of the three peaks above, only the Carstensz Pyramid which is always shrouded in snow. And then there is what the arrival of snow Summit Carstensz , which in fact are in Indonesia which is the State of the equator. This is indeed an unusual circumstance. One logical reason is the existence of the tropical storm will bring snow somewhere above an altitude of 4000 m.

Climbing route at the top of the Carstensz Peak Pyramid Papua 

Puncak Jaya (4884 m) is a stop on the snow brought by the storm. Quoted from Tourism Papua, there are 3 main routes to reach the top of Carstensz Peak Pyramid Papua.

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First called the route Harrer (Harrer’s Route). This route is the easiest route to traverse. Although easy, doesn’t mean everything will be easy to conquer the Puncak Jaya. Harrer’s route traveled up and down to about 12 to 15 hours. The level of difficulty ranges from 3-4 standard UIIA. The difficulties that exist in the traverse this route is under Puncak Jaya. The slope of the steep cliffs, up to 10-15 degrees as high as approximately 80 metres, requires extra caution. UIIA standard stated that the difficulty in this case is 5-5 +.

Sufficient experience and knowledge in regards to climbing is the main provision. The stones pretty strong and not easy to avalanche/off. The difficulties that will be faced will be greater again when it reaches the jagged rocks with an overhang wall which ranges from 10 meters, with difficulty levels 6-7 + standard UIIA. For beginner climbers this can be resolved by using the instrument as a “Jumar”.

The second route is the East Ridge. This route is halfway between the route and the route of Harrer. The road traveled further and will certainly also be longer.

The third route is the American Direct. This route is a route that would travel directly to the Summit. This route requires skill, experience, and also adequate knowledge about Climbing.

There have been many tourists visiting  to the top of Jayawijaya, in addition to the hobby of climbing that triggers the adrenaline, they also feel amazed with the natural landscape at the height of Jayawijaya. The Peak of Jayawijaya, indeed a paradise for mountaineers. Enjoy your ascent.

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