This page is an explanation for the announcement or advertising on our website :

You would like to advertise on our site? The following description is the package of our advertisement

Today available advertising space is…

watch Header  = 720 x 90

order metronidazole 400mg online Sidebar  = 250 x 250 The cost of the advertisement is follow :

A. Header    :  

     300,000  IDR /month

     600,000 IDR / 3 month 900,000 IDR / 6 month

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A. Side Bar  :  

     200,000  IDR /month

     400,000 IDR / 3 month 600,000 IDR / 6 month

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The mostly important advertisement on our website is for :

– travel agent ,

– hotels ,

– restaurant ,

– equipment of diving/snorkeling,

– photography ,

– private guide

– Rent Car etc ,

because mostly the articles in our website has promote the beauty of Indonesia tourism destination.

watch Advertising terms of rule :

Ads must comply with our web page themes

Advertising should contain no offensive material.

Advertising should not contain things that violate the rules of the state

Advertising should contain things not to in fringe the rules of the religion

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Info: in the near future we will no longer accept, personal advertising, we use Google AdSense only as a third-party ad..