The tsunami in late 2004 had an impact on many aspects of public life in Indonesia, particularly the West coast of Sumatra, including Aceh. Human tragedy also shows a lot of people around the world about the importance of building community preparedness against the threat of disaster. For the coastal regions of West Sumatra-Aceh to Lampung, from the biggest threat faced by the society is the Indian Ocean earthquake and Tsunami. This encourages the initiative of various parties to provide means of Tsunami preparedness public education, which has now been materialized with the establishment of the Aceh Tsunami Museum.

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Educating the public through Aceh Tsunami Museum

The Museum was built on the initiative of a number of agencies, including the Government of the province of City Government NAD, Banda Aceh, the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Aceh and Nias, the Ministry of Mineral Resources  and ties Indonesia architect. According to one of the protectors, the building not only serves as a means of education for the general public, but also become a vehicle to commemorate the fall of 120,000 casualties in the incident. Was established with funds worth Rp 70 billion, this building serves as a Tsunami evacuation center in the future. Although it has been established since February 2008, the museum was recently opened to the public on May 8, 2011.

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The architecture of the museum building designed by the architect and sometime lecturer in ITB, m. Ridwan Kamil. Design theme ‘ U.s. House escape Hill ‘ is selected in the competition, after beating the 68 design meets the criteria which determined committee. The design of the building is adapting the concept of home staging building that became the hallmark of traditional house Aceh. Because that’s the most basic floor, created as open space that can serve as a public space while providing safe against the threat of a tsunami wave to come.

The outer wall of the building is an adaptation of the motif of the image represents the strength of the Saman dance, discipline, and the religious beliefs of the people of Aceh. There is a vertical standing in the middle of the hallway of the building resembles a chimney. Around the walls in the hallways which are listed the names of the victims when the Tsunami happened, and at its peak there is a silhouette of ‘ Allah ‘ in Arabic. Upon entering the building, we will pass through the hallways with waterfalls descending on both sides, that bring out the nuances of panic which appear when there is a Tsunami.

Aceh Tsunami Museum is divided into several segments.

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The first segment is located on the ground floor serves because the probe to commemorate the events of the 2004 Tsunami disaster, in the form of visual documentation and display spaces ‘ chimney ‘ contains the names of the victims. Via a spiral staircase and a transverse bridge, we enter the second segment which is located on the 2nd floor, namely educational rides the tsunami became a historical documentation of the tsunami, dioramas, various props of science which deals with the events of the tsunami and the library. The third segment is an open space on the roof of the building that serves as the community’s evacuation of the vehicle when the tsunami occurred.


After entering inside, you walk into a dark hallway tsunami waves with a height of 40 metres with water effects. Be careful with your head, a variety of hats to prepare the hair and your shirt is not wet. For those who are afraid of the dark and still phobic with a tsunami, it is not recommended to go from the line. After passing this place, dozens of standing screen serves the shape of post-war tsunami photos of damage and destruction and death, which is filled with photographs of victims and pictures help fight them.

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After this, you will enter the “self-determination” or “battle space”, often referred to as the light of God. This room is shaped like a chimney and semi dark God of summit. This reflects the struggle of the victims of the tsunami. That is, for those who give up when the tsunami wave came , then their names are listed on the wall of the chimney as a victim. On the contrary, for those who feel there is still hope, continue to fight while expecting the compassion of the most useful. Once they were sure God’s help, and they seem to like hearing of the existence of a divine call and continue to fight to survive out of the waves.

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Thank God they finally really get out of the deadly waves after gyrating against the current. This is reflected with a way out of a chimney toward the bridge of hope (hope Bridge). When it reached the bridge, the Survivors saw the flag, as if their country of 52 provide assistance to them. Through this bridge, such as water passes through the tsunami headed to higher ground. Here you will be greeted with a film screening of the tsunami earthquake occurred for 15 minutes, when a tsunami occurs until help came.

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Get out of here you will see many photos and artifacts of the tsunami. For example: hours of standing dead big time time shows 8.17 seconds Baiturrahman Mosque hours or crashed and died also at that time. Another arte fact is a miniature-miniature about a tsunami. For example, people who catch the fish in the sea and running around saving yourself time exceeds the highest Palm trees wave crashed into them. buildings or houses that were destroyed by an earthquake before the coming flood of “cleaning”.

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Go to the third floor, where there are various means of science and technology-based earthquake and tsunami. Including the history and potential of a tsunami in the whole point of the Earth, simulating a volcanic eruption all over Indonesia, simulated earthquake can set how richter scale we want and if your lucky you can also “enjoy” simulated 4 d (4 dimensions) the incidence of earthquakes and tsunamis. In addition there is also a spatial design design ideal for areas that have the potential for a tsunami.

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Finally, at the end of the visit, you can enjoy some typical pastries such as keukarah, ceupet Aceh kuet, sugar u Sam and others in the room for souvenirs. There are also t-shirts-t-shirts and souvenirs typical of Aceh as towels, towels and brooches brooch pinto aceh and there are many more. Down to the bottom, you can relax to the bridge outdoor expectations when looking for ornamental fish that swim to and fro or take some photos while on the deck of the Museum. When you are lucky, you can take a picture with the prospective bridegroom who often perform a pre-wedding photos here. But when you feel hungry and wanted to pray Duha, there is a café and a small mosque section under the East side of the building. When you want to go to the toilet, you can use the space underneath the deck, after the entrance gate. Finally, we hope your visit brings many benefits and adds new knowledge that you can tell me as a “store” when going home later.

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Aceh Tsunami Museum tells about the history of the largest Tsunami that struckAceh in 2004. The terrible events which caused many victims both man and the entire infrastructure in Aceh. Events of the tsunami remains a bitter memories of the unforgettable, though currently in Aceh has risen back to normal. It is meant to have a very good Museum like this. Welcome to visit Aceh Tsunami Museum.

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