Indonesian Paradise is a website specifically designed to introduce the beauty of country Indonesia, an archipelago country  which saves millions the natural beauty, culture, history, tourism, culinary specialties Indonesia. Enjoy the natural beauty of Indonesia, as the culture is at a paradise world. As anisland nation, the land preserves a million ‘magic’ place, both in the sea, mountains and on the ground. There are hundreds and even thousands of animal species that are unique, rare and charming as well as the National Park almost throughout the islands of Indonesia.


The main purpose of Indonesian Paradise has namely that all people in this world can be better in longer to give the beauty panorama cultural tourism in Indonesia. Indonesia is not only known for superb hospitality and the softness of its population, but more than that, Indonesia was able to give the feel of ‘Heavenly ‘ for travelers who came on holiday in the country.

This website seeks to present a full picture of things below:

  1. The most beautiful and famous tourist attractions for foreign tourists
  2. Display the image of the Indonesian original culture from an island inIndonesia
  3. Tell the story of the famous old history of Indonesia
  4. Points out that Indonesia dance tradition of large-scale international
  5. Presenting traditional music the large-scale international Indonesia

We present thank you very much for your visit at the Indonesian paradise.Hopefully be able to give you an idea that gets you all the foreign tourists can soon visit heaven the world in Indonesia.

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