De Ranch Lembang is one of the tourist spots in Bandung which is a unique and exotic tourism located in the mountainous plateau of Lembang area. Tourism has always been a game of tourists on holiday to the land of pasundan is indeed is the favorite and most popular tourist destination in recent years. In addition to offering the unusual sensations in general i.e. tours ala koboy America, tourism in Bandung is located in the famous area which is cool with the sensual beauty of nature panorama is remarkable, making it very comfortable doing the activities of tour De Ranch Lembang .

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With the cool air, the vast, green land, a variety of fun games, good food, the Center gift shop, and full facilities of De Ranch tour is very suitable for families, especially those who have small children.


In addition to the attractions of De Ranch Lembang, the tourist area of the Valley also still has a lot of excellent tourist attractions not less interesting, such as family entertainment tours Kampong Gajah, culinary Kampung Daun and integrated tourism area of the village of bamboo. Special attractions of this place, De Ranch does have its own uniqueness that can so you won’t find in any tourist place in Bandung in Indonesia even.

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The unique thing is what will get when visiting the De Ranch Lembang ? Attractions in Lembang, Bandung tour sensation offers ala cowboy in America with his horse ranch in the ample acreage once. With the background scenery is very exotic, beautiful and green trees with cool surely will make the atmosphere around here is very fun and exciting.

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As a Favorite tourist attractions in Lembang, Bandung, a tourist area in the Valley keeps growing into an integrated tourist area for the convenience of visiting tourists, such as continuing to build supporting facilities and infrastructure in the form of facilities that will indulge visitors as family recreation facilities, as well as culinary Center shopping tour in one area.

De Ranch Lembang that aims to provide fun activities for families located at Jalan Maribaya No. 17, Lembang, Bandung, approximately 200 meters from the intersection of the market. De Ranch Lembang often crowded tourist from Jakarta, Bandung, and its surrounding areas especially on weekends so don’t be surprised if you see a long entrance queues. But although crowded, does not have to worry about the difficulty of getting a parking space vehicles because the available parking page is large enough to accommodate the entire vehicle visitors.


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Sights De Ranch Lembang opened in 2007. Starting from a place of maintenance as well as a dairy farm and also mounts the horse, now attractions in Lembang, Bandung has been transformed into a tourist area favorite and popular family, which already can be ascertained, on every weekend of the holiday season, let alone this place gets crowded and densely filled by tourists not only from the area of Bandung and its surroundings, but will instead be tourist destinations outside Bandung family of origin options such as Jakarta and other major cities in Indonesia.

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A variety of games and activities you can enjoy in De Ranch Lembang, Bandung, from touring with the use of a horse, horse-riding to enjoy the excitement of the arena of the Flying fox, here is a list of activities and games in De Ranch Lembang:

  1. A horse
  2. Triker
  3. Horse Riding
  4. Pony
  5. The Gold Hunter
  6. Fun Boat
  7. Outdoor Fishing Rods
  8. Flying Fox
  9. Water Balloon
  10. Bike Track
  11. Toddler Bike
  12. Jump Children
  13. Fishing Fish Capture/Toddler
  14. Trampoline
  15. Archery
  16. Outdoor Indian Totem Web
  17. Pony Kidz
  18. Kidtrik
  19. Horse Swing
  20. Crate Skate Parks
  21. A horse outside (the circumference around the Valley)
  22. Riding out (riding a horse to the outside location De’Ranch)

De Ranch Lembang also Has the following Fasilities:

  • Factory outlet that provides the typical craft De Ranch, gift shop, and cowboy-style clothes as well.
  • The restaurant provides a range of food and drinks, the menu is the typical grilled sausage De Ranch
  • Market crops that provide various types of ornamental plants
  • Gift shop and snacks typical of the Valley
  • Courses of horse riding
  • Course of care for horses
  • Courses Coachman chariot
  • A typical cake cooking course De Ranch
  • The course is milking the cow

Location De Ranch there in the way of the Valley Maribaya Valley, can be reached by private or public transport. From the center of the Valley, only takes about 3 minutes to reach the location De Ranch Lembang, Bandung from the direction of the gas station after crossing the Valley, please turn left in the direction of tangkuban perahu but direct right turn rotate and turn left to take the maribaya, about 1 KM from there you will find the location of De Ranch Valley on the left side of the road.

Enjoy your vacation in De Ranch Lembang, enjoy the atmosphere of the gembiran with the feel of a Cowboy along with Your family and friends.

Welcome to Indonesian Paradise … I Love Indonesia


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