Flores did indeed save many hidden charms, no exception in Labuan Bajo. Labuan Bajo is the capital of West Manggarai Regency, Flores. The port city became the gateway to Komodo island is popular among tourists because of the beauty of its tour.

The immediate vicinity of Labuan Bajo there are several clusters of islands that are very beautiful and exotic landscape, particularly the charming beaches to enjoy. Here are the Top 8 Lovely Islands in Labuan Bajo which is a compulsory destination for tourists

Komodo Island

komodo island

These are the sights of labuan bajo which have great appeal and his name already worldwide! Komodo island you can see wildlife from the nearby giant lizards, the Komodo dragons.

Here you will be invited to do the trekking down woods and climb the Hill to see wildlife komodo. There are 3 kinds of trekking tracks that you can choose a short track, namely the medium track and long track. Experience a holiday in Komodo Island , this would not be forgotten and always memorable, especially if you can take pictures near the komodo

Rinca Island

rinca island

Rinca island is one of the tourist destinations besides komodo Island, which gives the experience to be close to the komodo dragon. Same is the case with the Komodo Island, you will be on the invite to do Trekking with 3 Trekking tracks that you can choose, namely: Short, Medium and Long Track.

For terrain and terjalnya line track then Rincah provides a different challenge with Komodo island! Trekking on the island of Rinca feels long and quite tiring if you take short track. Is it takes about 2 hours from Labuan Bajo, the island is crowded once frequented by visitors who want to see the habitat of ancient giant lizards that are still left in the world.

The Island Of Padar

padar island

The island of Padar is the third largest island in the Komodo National Park area, after the island of Komodo and Rinca Island. Perhaps the existence of the island of Padar no se-famous Komodo island or Pulau Rinca, Padar Island beauty but not less beautiful with both the island. The location of the island of Padar tend to be more close to the island of Rinca compared to the distance to Komodo island and is separated by the Strait of Leech.

The island of Padar is also accepted as a UNESCO World Heritage site, due to be in the region of Komodo National Park, along with the islands of Komodo, Rinca and Gili Motang. Despite being in the Komodo National Park area, but the island is not inhabited by komodo Padar because the food chain is cut off.

Kelor Island

kelor island

Not hard to reach the island on this one. Because it is only about 30 minutes away by boat from Labuan Bajo. Kelor island became one of the favorite destinations for snorkeling and playing on the beach. detikTravel visit to the island some time ago. The clean sand and clear water makes anyone who comes directly want to immediately jump into the water. Plus, essentially the ramps as well as without the reef so no need to worry about getting hurt because it stepped on the reef.

Coral reefs are there solid enough come with a variety of colorful and amusing fish. Snorkeling in there so the choice is perfect. Get ready for the clown fish look cruel or commonly called fish nemo among the anemones.

Goat Island

kambing island

Small island in Labuan Bajo is inversely proportional to its name! Despite its name, does not mean a lot of goats goats or goat smell Island? no way! This small island is also saving the natural beauty of the sea beautiful! Activities on the island are usually spent with snorkling, swimming or lazing on the coastal island of goats. One of the sites recomended if you do sailing.

Goat Island Komodo is one of the many beautiful islands scattered in Flores. Consists only of the beach and a short Hill. But the coral color there are quite diverse and very beautiful.

Bidadari Island

bidadari island

Angel Island this island is so familiar accosted among the foreigners! If tracing the history of the island, then the original name of the island is an island nymph Ziziphus mauritiana. You can read about the history and what is done on the island Komodo Fairies here.

Same is the case with the beautiful island in Komodo dragons, you can swim and snorkling lazing on the island which are very close to Labuan Bajo in the appeal of the other islands.

Kanawa Island

kanawa island

Kanawa Island, a small island in Flores is surrounded by coral reefs that are beautifully decorated with a white sand beach with its clear water. Kanawa island is managed by the Italy-born.

In this island covering an area of 32 hectares of existing bungalow was built dibibir beach with a small harbour nearby to dock their boat tourists who visited the island this kanawa. Coral reefs grow lush and beautiful on sea that surrounds the island. Moreover, usually when it has been late afternoon then sea water will recede at this island kanawa. We can enjoy the atmosphere of the afternoon while picking up Starfish or crabs found in the sand of the beach. If hobby snorkling, then enjoy the beauty of underwater there are surrounding the island kanawa.

Gili Laba Island

gili laba island

Gili Laba is one of the attractions of labuan bajo favorites that are worth to be visited! The actual enchantment of Gili Gili Lawa or Profit has been more popular than in the past with the island of Padar.

Gili Laba already entered in the destination ‘s tourist area of Komodo National Park. This is because the Gili Laba save the beauty of natural view sea of Flores, an unparalleled mountain slopes from the top. It is true the Gili Laba has a beautiful sea water which has an awesome degradation, as well as a clean white sand. Across the island dominated the Green Hills during the rainy season, and yellowed during the dry season. Anyone visiting here will surely be amazed.

Kalong Island

kalong island

Called the island they live because of this small island was inhabited thousands of bats. The island is not so widely, no occupants. Kalong Island ( kalong = bats ) is a mangrove forest area which is surrounded by sea.

To go to the island, They of course have to use ships. Ideally, get there at dusk, dusk arrived. That’s when, in the view of the look of the ship. Full of mangroves that, thousands of bats out of the nest. They flew toward the island of Flores and nearby to find prey. More beautiful panorama when bats fly set the sun sank in the sky west. These bats return to the nest in the morning.

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