A TripAdvisor site famous for traveling, by 2015 it has set 10 the best beach in Indonesia version Travellers Choice 2015 TripAdvisor. Let’s see together 10 the best  beach in Indonesia as follows ( source Detik Travel )

  1. Nusa Dua Beach, Bali


Nusa Dua Beach has white sand with ocean water so calm, waves is not so hard, makes a lot of foreign investors are vying to build supporting facilities means tourism that is close to the beach. The Cleanest Beach Of Nusa Dua Beach Bali

The beach area is very well kept and maintained. This is disebabkaan because each hotel that sits on the edge of the beach to safeguarding the cleanliness of the beach. The hotel – luxury hotel stands majestically built along the beach with rental prices per night which is pretty expensive. The majority is with room rates at over one million dollars and above.

2. The Padang-Padang Beach, Bali

10 THE BEST BEACH IN INDONESIA TRIPADVISOR VERSION 2015The uniqueness of the location with a backdrop of lush hills and rugged rocks, is the characteristic of the beach. To reach the beach visitors must pass through a path that resembles the goa. Then down past dozens of stairs just enough for one person. After going through the stairs, white sand with calm and clear water will be visible in front of the eyes.

Padang padang Beach Bali one of the filming locations Hollywood movie Eat Pray Love, starring Julia Robets. Offer white sand and waves.

3. Balangan Beach, Bali

10 THE BEST BEACH IN INDONESIA TRIPADVISOR VERSION 2015Balangan Beach, in a very beautiful and we could see the beach with coconut trees are neatly laid, and unique. Very rarely found beaches with coconut trees compositions that fit on the island of Bali. Truly charming witnessed the composition of white sand beaches with Palm trees lining the beach makes rapid seemed more comfortable and tetram

Hidden in the southern part of the island of Bali, a beach located in the region of Pecatu is located between two steep coral Hill. Balangan beach with a long coastline of approximately 1 km towards the North, so I can see the activities of Ngurah Rai International Airport at a distance

4. Tanjung Aan Beach, Lombok

10 THE BEST BEACH IN INDONESIA TRIPADVISOR VERSION 2015Tanjung Aan is one of the beautiful panorama from the South coast, that in fact his is located in central Lombok. Besides the beach, Selong Mawun mullet, and Kuta Beach. Some interesting things are treated to this beach is white sand like pepper with beach view with a blue tint green high contras if seen eyes. Sort of a small hill on the edge of a beach with grass expanses of colour match of the season, is perfect as a photo object for tourists both local and outside.

Looking towards the East, there is a row of green hills that hide one advantage from the beach this Aan. It is the Umbrella Stone that is often referred to as “Stone Parasol”. A stone that stands firmly on the side of the beach is decorated with little green grass on the top

5. Cape High Beach , Belitung

10 THE BEST BEACH IN INDONESIA TRIPADVISOR VERSION 2015The sand beach of Cape High is very white and clean. No matter the water is Turquoise. Absolutely perfect, as you spend time on the beaches of Cape high. Not only is the white sand beach of charm, is located on a granite stones the giant-sized. The granite rocks that are in the area of Cape May High measuring several hundred cubic feet. Piles of granite rocks form hills along the coast as well as hallways or small caves and Cape Coast menyekat-nyekat high.

If you want to enjoy the beach, come to the beaches of the Cape is High in Belitung. In addition to the sea and white sand, this beach has a giant granite stones of the exotic.

6. White Sand Beach, Bali


This beach is located in the Kab. Karangasem at the village of Perasi. It took only 2 hours from denpasar to reach this beach. Why is it called white sand beach, this beach because it is simply that the only white-sand beaches, the site will look like because of the squeeze in the Gulf by two Hill jump angles into the middle of the sea. So this only has a long Beach 3 km. West of Hill and East Hill of Sand was already coloured black.

The advantages of this place the beach away from the crowds of road traffic, because the beach is located 2 Km from the major road that connects Karangasem-Denpasar. So peaceful atmosphere reigns, not far from the beach lots of small islands that are not berpenghunni, here it is suitable for those who have a hobby: Snorkeling, Diving and fishing.

7. Jemeluk Beach, Bali

10 THE BEST BEACH IN INDONESIA TRIPADVISOR VERSION 2015This tourist attraction a favorite with tourists whose hobby with tourism tirta or water such as swimming, snorkelingor diving. That became an attraction in the area of Jemeluk and Amed is its beauty under the super beautiful. The water is also very clear and calm with a stretch of rock that is so charming, so lots of variety types of tropical marine fish that live here.

The tourist area it still belongs to the quiet and natural look. In addition to its beauty can be enjoyed in the Jemeluk, Amed and can also witness the traditional salt-making done by the population.

8. Pink Beach, Komodo

10 THE BEST BEACH IN INDONESIA TRIPADVISOR VERSION 2015Pink Beach is another attraction of the Komodo National Park which has been crowned to become one of the seven natural wonders of the nominations in the world. Named after the Pink Beach sand beaches because it is pink (pink).

Locals prefer to call it the Red Beach, while foreign tourists prefer to call it the Pink Beach. A soft pink color looks increasingly evident especially when the waves swept away the sand.

9. Cape Papuma Beach, Jember


This beach is the most exotic beach in East Java because it has a charming sea with the Green Beach to biruan. In addition to the beach there are also many rocks local people call it by the name “atoll-atol” stands near the beach like coral islands. There are seven bersar that exist in the coral coast papuma Jember, the seventh of the reef has its own names i.e. the island of nusa Barong Island, he uses the island of Batara Guru, Krishna’s Island, the island of kajang and nearby Frogs.

When the tidal waves make the scenery more beautiful when we see it under sitinggil because we see the chunk of coral that wracked by massive waves.

10. Klayar Baech , Pacitan

10 THE BEST BEACH IN INDONESIA TRIPADVISOR VERSION 2015Klayar Sendang Subdistrict in the village of Donorojo, about 35 km to the West of the town of Pacitan, East Java. Do the white sandy beach of this and has its own uniqueness, namely the existence of a stone which is said to resemble Sphinxes.

This beach has a specialness that is shower fountain formed from a torrent of waves passing through slit a hole in the corals. Sea flute also called so because in addition to spout water also raises the sound resembles a flute blown. Water fountains out of this torrent at a particular time can reach a height of up to 10 meters.

Hopefully you can visit 10 the best beach in Indonesia , when you take vacation in Indonesia.

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