The difference is the grace of God Almighty. Diversity in Indonesia are fused into the Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. Earth Malay Archipelago save cultural wealth that stretches from Sabang to Merauke. Some of the nation’s lofty heritage world recognition from UNESCO (United Nation Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) which is the field of education and culture of the United Nations (UN).

981 has the UNESCO World Heritage site, with details: 759 cultural heritage; 193 natural heritage; 29 and a mix of cultural and natural heritage (cultural works do not object). There are 10 Indonesia cultural heritage world heritage and has been recognized by UNESCO. The following 10 Indonesia heritage recognized by UNESCO World Heritage and of course.




The Worldwide Leather Puppet Indonesia 6

UNESCO on November 7, 2003 has determined that WAYANG KULIT is world cultural heritage derived from the culture of Indonesia. State Minister of culture and tourism I Gede Ardika reveal, since 7 November 2003 the then Organization for education, science and Culture (UNESCO) has recognised the puppet as World Master Piece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.


the 10 indonesia culture 1

United Nation Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the Organization of education and Cultural Affairs of the United Nations has been confirmed INDONESIA as a masterpiece of the patrimony of the humanity belongs to the whole nation in the world. “The world has acknowledged the existence of the keris Indonesia, and awarded the world since 25 November 2005. Keris is the cultural heritage of Indonesia that no fission by time and remained preserved up to now.


batik tulis handicraft 12

Indonesia’s struggle to get recognition the world over as the original cultural heritage batik Indonesia were not in vain. The United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has established a tradition of batik as one of the ORIGINAL world heritage culture INDONESIA in October 2009 in France before, puppets and Keris also has got the same recognition from UNESCO some time ago.

Six countries which is representative of the UNESCO has conducted assessment against Indonesia. After reviewing and verification for three years, finally there is the recognition of culture as the culture BELONGS to INDONESIA.


the 10 indonesia culture 2

Angklung is a musical instrument multitonal (pitched) that traditionally grown in the community speak Sundanese in West Jawabagian Island. This instrument made of bamboo, is tuned by means of digoyangkan (the sound is caused by the collision of bodies of bamboo pipes) so as to produce the sound vibrates in the order of tones 2, 3, up to 4 tones in every size, both large and small. The inaugural Angklung Indonesia by UNESCO is precisely to take place on November 16, 2010.


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Culture Landscape of Bali (Bali Subak Culture) as a mirror of Tri Hita Karana has just been approved for designated as Unesco World Heritage in 2012. Deputy Minister of education and culture A Nuryanti. mengetakan election of Subak, world heritage requires at least 12 years. Subak is itself a viable organization specifically set up rice irrigation systems used in suitable planting rice in Bali. The beauty of the water as the Indonesia culture is unique and interesting to visit on the island of Bali


Saman dance aceh amazing dynamic movement 1

Tari Saman confirmed as UNESCO cultural heritage there in 2011. This dance called Tari Saman because it created a cleric named Sheik Saman in the 14th century AD. Originally this dance is a folk game that often appear in the Festival customs and culture in the land of Gayo. Over time, Saman Dance has now become one of the Indonesia cultural art studied in schools. Not just in Aceh, but also outside of Aceh and even abroad. So Interestingly, Saman Dance so often become an icon of Indonesia in various cultural festivals of the world.


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Borobudur Temple is a Buddhist temple built during the Sailendra dynasty circa 800an BCE. The temple with an area of 123 × 123 m and a height of approximately 35 m is located in district of Borobudur, Magelang Regency.

This temple is a Buddhist temple of the largest ever built by relief at the most anyway which is about 2,672 panels and 504 Buddha statues. Because this site is the site of historic Buddhist world, then in 1991, Borobudur is recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site on the 20th session.


the 10 indonesia culture 6

Gamelan consists of several musical instruments such as sharon, gambang, gong, drum and this is a very typical of Indonesia. Thrive on the Hindu-Buddha era, gamelan into the usual accompanying tabuhan various Javanese arts such as Bali and surrounding that will give the wasps is typical of this that makes many of the guests liked with performances that use this.

The gamelan itself has the meaning of tetabuhan hit because there was a musical instrument played by means of struck by the experts who mastered the gamelan. To continue to be preserved, the Government of Indonesia filed a gamelan as a cultural heritage of Indonesia, and finally in 2014, gamelan is officially recognized by UNESCO.


komodo island

The Komodo dragon is the only animal that live in Indonesia, in particular on the island of Komodo and beyond, East Nusa Tenggara. Because included in the endangered species, finally made a national park on the island of Komodo in order to animal sex the world’s largest lizard with the latin name Varanus komodoensis is not extinct and remains preserved in its natural habitat.

Then, in 1991, the Komodo National Park was finally recognized by UNESCO. With the use of the Park, a giant monitor lizard is not the only Country of refuge in Indonesia, but also the UNESCO as the world body responsible for maintaining the heritage of the world.



The event is a traditional event Sekaten held to welcome the Isra ‘ Miraj or the anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad. Sekaten this is done in the square North of the Surakarta Palace and also in the square North of the Keraton Yogyakarta.

There are several series of events conducted in sekaten, one of which is the show’s peak i.e. people mutually scramble gunungan who has paraded. Because it has cultural values that are highly viscous, sekaten was finally inaugurated by UNESCO as cultural heritage sites of Indonesia in 2014.

The 10 Indonesia culture has always been a target for foreign tourists visiting in Indonesia. Indonesia did not doubt the wealth of culture and not rarely the foreigner citizens have a very high interest to learn Indonesia cultures as well as their learning making batik, gamelan music, music angklung and so on.

Welcome to Indonesian Paradise … I Love Indonesia



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